(4) A Bad Day Turned Around

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You were walking down the streets.


Soaking wet.

With no umbrella.

And shivering.

You get the point..

Today, apparently, isn't your lucky day.

First, you were late for school. Second, got detention for it. Third, you forgot your lunch money. Fourth, you got an F on (Your least favorite subject) [I have no idea what your grades are or something. It may be letters, but I just know that A+ is super pass and F is fail. I'm a Filipino so our grading is different, it's numbers more than letters]. Fifth, you left your phone at home which means you didn't get a ride home. Sixth, you were trapped accidentally in the janitors closet after class (after an hour or two, the janitor found you there but the sun was already setting) and seventh, you walked home then it started to rain, resulting you being soaking wet.

You pulled up the hood of your (F/c) sweater, still shivering.

You rubbed your hands on your arms just to make even the slightest warmth for you, but every time it did, a gust of cold wind would brush it off.

While walking you noticed a cafe. It was called the Lucky Cat Café. Your house was still far so you decided to rest there for a while.

You walked towards the door and pushed it softly. You heard a bell chime.

Once inside, the warmth and the smell of yummy pastries hit you.

"Hello! And welcome to the-- (Y/n)?!"

You turned your head and saw Ms. Hamada. Your eyes widened.

How did you know her? Her and your parents were really good friends. She once visited your house and in result you got to know her.

Ms. Hamada ran towards you and held your cheeks softly.

"Dear.. What happened?" She asked you softly.

"Oh! Um, I just got a little wet." You said and smiled reassuringly.

She shook her head. "A little? Sweetie you're wet from head to toe!"

"I'm fine, Ms. Hamada." You shook your head with a smile.

She frowned but quickly smiled sweetly.

"Dear, call me Aunt Cass; Ms. Hamada is way too formal!" Aunt Cass waved her hand dismissively while giggling.

You smiled her again as a sign of yes.

Aunt Cass glanced over at her shoulder and stood up properly. "Wait here, okay?"

You nodded your head, looking at the direction she was staring.

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