Chapter Forty-Three: Keary

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I strode through the woods with Derek on my shoulder. I reveled in the silence. I'd been out there for over half a day and as much as I desired to stay out in the solitude, I had to get going. I had some healing plants that would hopefully help the soldier, though if he was doing better, I'd save them for a more opportune time.

I approached the entrance of the cave and felt that something wasn't right. I entered stealthily and was greeted by the sight of Fay lying unconscious on the ground, along with the fact that Theo and Adira nowhere in sight. I cursed under my breath as I dashed back out into the sunshine to look around for any sight of them.

I hurriedly went back inside and shook Fay to wake her up. She groaned and reached up her hand to her head. Satisfied that she'd be alright, I went back outside again to begin the search. I transferred Derek from my shoulder to my left hand.

"Find them Derek." I said to him. He responded with a screech and shot up into the air.

I watched him circle for a moment or two, before I saw him set out in the direction that we had originally come from when we first came. I followed him at a brisk pace to keep up with his flying, while also checking the ground for any evidence of people going this way. Ah, there were a few drops of blood by that bush, and smear of blood on that tree where he must've leaned for a rest. I also followed the faint footprints on the moss covered, forest floor.

I stopped for a few seconds, for I thought I had heard voices. They sounded like familiar voices too.

"Adira, we have to keep going if we want to get away." It was the young soldier.

"I know, but you might not be able to keep going." It was the princess.

I ducked behind a tree to observe the present situation. The soldier was sitting against a tree, his face ashen. The princess was right beside him, tearfully regarding him. I heard a screech and looked up. Derek was circling above the tree-tops. Theo and Adira heard it too. They looked up worriedly and I saw my chance. I leapt out from behind the tree and was upon them. The princess stood up and grabbed a stout branch lying on the ground. She aimed a blow at me, and I easily deflected.

I grabbed her arm and shoved her to the ground.

"You didn't think you'd actually be able to escape, did you?" I said in a faintly patronizing tone. I laughed. "You thought wrong," I said. And with that, I grabbed the soldier who resisted briefly, until I landed a punch to his face, immediately knocking him out. I put his uninjured arm across my shoulder and began dragging him back to the cave. I didn't worry about the princess. She wouldn't leave her love behind.

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