Chapter 1- Malachi

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-Malachi on your screen somewhere-

           *BREAKING NEWS*

       "Malachi Mendes has once again made a mockery of his Oscar winning mother by getting caught drawing graffiti on the side of a train", The fake, blonde, and skinny lady on the television says. I roll my eyes and shut off the tv, just as my mom jumps on the couch beside me.

    "Heeeey!", She fakes a pout and I look over at her. "I was watching that. You know F.P. News is my favorite". She nudges me and lets out a laugh, causing me to smile a little. F.P. News stood for famous people news, but mom and I always called it fake piss. It didn't make since, but it was pretty funny. "What were they talking about?".

      I chew on the corner of my lip and just shrug. She sees my discomfort and suddenly Ooo's and grabs my arm. I look over at her and raise an eyebrow. "You got a new tattoo!", she says excitedly. She was right, this weekend, I got a new tattoo of  a word that says "fearless" in black letters. She smiles and traces a finger down it.

     I look at her expression and I can't help but smile. I knew my mother knew about everything that I do. She also knows my soul, my thoughts, my everything. Even my deepest and dark secrets. But she was my mom. She would never leave me. We were connected. Hell, we even had the same dark hair and bright green eyes. Although, she was built tiny and I was quite tall with my 6'1 height. She was also loved by everyone in Hollywood and starred in the best of the best movies, even had a few emmy's. Me? I starred in a few great movies and I had talent. But, no matter how hard I work, no one could see passed what I do in my free time. Who could blame them though? Ha, I'm a mess.

    "Moving on", she says, leaning back against the back of the couch and placing her feet on my legs. "Have you heard back from that movie you read for?". I shake my head and turn my head.

    "Naw, I don't fit the character any way. Imagine, me in a damn war movie", I laugh, making mom hit my arm. "No, really. Soldiers are suppose to be honorable. I am the furthest thing from that. Didn't Alison Summers' kid try out for that too? No way in hell they'd let me around that kid".

    I took a moment to actually think about Elijah Summers. He was the golden boy. America's favorite. He played in several movies and each one was better than the other. He never got in trouble. Not to mention, he was f*cking hot. Everyone considered him cute but heelll no, the boy was hot. They still see him as a child, but I still him as a tall glass of lemonade that I want to devour. Which is exactly why I'm not allowed near him, not that I've ever tried.

     "Kai, it'd be great for them", Mom says, looking at her chipped fingernails. They were still frail from when she viciously ripped off her fake nail with her teeth. She hated how they made her nails feel heavy, but she had to wear the for the tv show she was in. But it was the weekend so she got a break from them. "America would watch just to see another side of Malachi Mendes, right?". I shrug slowly and she smiles.

    She was right, definitely. It would be good for them. The movie, like I said, was about a solider who goes through the war with his best friend. I could hear the fanfiction being wrote about the two main characters, even though neither of them were gay. Just friends. But that's just teenage girls, and boys. I'm guilty.

   In my opinion, Larry is obviously real, obviously.

    She opens her mouth to say something and my phone starts ringing. I grab it and answer it without even looking. "Henry's whore house, you got the money, we've got the honey", I say, causing mom to laugh loudly.

    "Umm, hi, yes. Is this Malachi Mendes' phone?", A male voice comes from the other line. I almost drop my phone. It was the producer of Solid Ground, the movie that I tried out for. I cough out a yes in response and I can hear the soft chuckle in his voice when he speaks. "Oh, good. Funny. We'd like for you to come in and read with one of our actors that we've hired. We like you, but we want to make sure we get the perfect person to play Jake".

    Jake was the character I tried out for. He was the more cold hearted one, which fit with me. But on the inside he had a heart of gold, blah blah, Hollywood blah blah. The golden heart part was DEFINITELY not me.

      I almost scream when he tells me the news. I may be the most hated famous son in the entirety of Hollywood, but when I got a chance to act, bet your ass I was excited. "Oh wow! Yeah, I'm down. Who's going to be playing the role of Bret?".

   Bret was the other main character. He was the good one of the two. He followed rules and he was head strong and clever. Everyone loved Bret, I despised him when I read over the script I was given.

      "Oh, yeah. You'll be reading with Elijah Summers, he'll be playing your character's best friend Brett".


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