BTS first dates

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good afternoon, i love jimin


Seokjin: *invites you over to make dinner* *pretty much a big dork* *tries to be a gentleman and keep a distance but y'all gonna be on each other later*

Yoongi: *takes you to a fine art museum* *gives off a very intimidating vibe, but he can crack a joke anytime* *kinky sex at his place*

Hoseok: *wild adventure through the city* *has a hyper personality, but it makes him hot* *always holds your hand, a little clingy lol*

Namjoon: *takes you to a carnival/theme park* *really sexy voice/laugh, you always find yourself blushing* *hot make out session on the Ferris wheel*

Jimin: *cute beach picnic kinda thing* *makes you blush with his eye contact* *really attractive when gets into the water*

Taehyung: *takes you with him to go out and make a photography portfolio* *sneaks pictures of you* *charming and playful ;)*

Jungkook: *invites you to play video games at his house* *wears grey sweats and no shirt* *yeah he's just soooo innocent*

i'm sorry i didn't put pictures for each of them but, hehe, it was really hard to find a pic for the dates and member


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