Dear Crush

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Hey guys i'm trying to come up with some more advice but it's just so hard to come up with something else.

I know this is an advice book but at the same time it lets me get my feelings out about my crush and i love it when you guys give me advice too. This is just my feelings towards my crush right now and i will come up with some more advice soon💗💗

Dear Crush

I have liked you since like last december and it's already October of the next year. I never thought that my crush could possibly like me back. Even the thought was great and it made me feel so happy. I constantly think about you and i barely ever see you now and it's just so hard. Seeing you talk to other girls and hearing about things with other girls gets tiring. I thought it was so obvious i liked you. I hope i didn't make you feel like i didn't have any feelings for you because i did. People keep on telling me to get over you and i can't. I had such deep feelings for you and they never went away nor will i think they ever will. My best friends not like me liking you and want me to move on, but you have made it so hard. I only get to see you maybe once a day and you don't even look at me. Did i do something or is this just you trying to tell me you don't have feelings for me anymore. I can't even think about that you may have liked me and now you probably don't. Well i thought i gave a lot of signs and you never made the move so i always got mixed signals. I have to constantly hear that you like someone else, but i used to be told you liked me. I deserve happiness and i thought you were it, but they call it a crush for a reason.

I tried not to cry the whole time i wrote this because it honestly gives me the feels. I have been able to get over every crush but this one. I don't know what to do, but i doubt he even likes me now.

Anyway thank you for 4k views you guys are amazing. I'm so sorry if any of you have these kinds of crushes they suck and you deserve so much happiness. I love you guys so much❤️❤️

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