Thirty two.

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I stared at the road ahead of me, my mind unsettled, I knew what had to be done. I decided there was no need to stay at Maxence anymore. He'd reunited with his long lost slave and was happy with that. He offered me partnership in this business which I declined. I ran solo, one man army but now as I sat in the car with my little pet beside me, I didn't know if that was true anymore. I'd dismissed plan A, I wasn't going to sell her anymore. I couldn't do it even if I wanted to, I'd took her virginity, I'd robbed her of that but that's not the reason why I couldn't do it, I just couldn't bare the thought of her being touched by another man, belonging to someone else. She was mine now. Even if we were worlds apart, she was always going to be mine. I glanced at her tear struck face, she wasn't happy, I knew that but I couldn't keep her with me. I wasn't capable of making her happy, at least not right now. I thrived off of her being my pet, I would always treat her the same way, as a slave because that is what the beast in me enjoyed, that is what it fed off of for that is, all I knew. I still had something I needed to take care of, I still had a Mason to kill. I couldn't put her life in danger, I was never going to stop until I ended his life and somewhere along the way, she could get hurt, I didn't know if I could handle that.

'Don't leave me, Master.' She let her skin drown beneath her tears, I ached to hold her, to make it stop but I sat there with my eyes on the road, if I even took a look at her I'd lose myself, I'd give in and I couldn't do that, I had to be cold, I had to make her hate me, it would be easier for her, she would spend her days spilling her hate for me instead of the hurt. Rage was better than pain. I gripped the steering wheel as I saw the police station come into view. A part of me wanted to turn around, reverse, run back, get away from here and keep her with me forever but my reality kept me going. She was balling her eyes out now, my heart aching with every tear that spilled on her pretty face. The face that I'd always remember. I stopped the car near the station, my mind running wild. I turned and looked at her, her eyes pleading with pain, she really was a silly girl huh. I'd broken her down and torn her world apart yet here she was, begging me not to leave. I didn't deserve her. I leaned in and held her face in my hands, placing a kiss on her forehead. 'Do as I said, you go there, tell them that you escaped, you ran, you found your way here.' She shook her head at my words, I could hear the sound of her heartbeat as our silence pierced the air between us. 'Please, I don't want to go, I want to stay with you, please don't make me go Master.' Her voice cracked as her pleas fell on deaf ears, I'd made my decision and I wasn't going to change my mind. I kissed her on the lips, a long feverish kiss that almost stopped my heart from beating. I gripped her tight in my arms, for a minute, not wanting to let go. I closed my eyes and pulled away, when I opened my eyes again, she had stopped crying. She was just staring at me, I itched to touch her again. Her beauty never failed to fill me with need. One day when I was done with the things I had to do, I would find my way back to her.

'I love you' her words hit me like a brick. I sat there frozen. I couldn't say it back, I couldn't hurt her with words that would sink into her heart.
'I'll come back for you' I promised her and I was a man of my word. 'Goodbye Master.'
'Goodbye, pet' Her fingers shook as she opened the car door, she took one last look at me and then left. Already missing her presence, I touched the seat she had occupied just a minute ago. I let out a long deep breath, my muscles aching to run after her but I turned the wheel and drove away, drove away back into my cold world.

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