Dear Mr. President... I Think I'm Dating Your Son [11]

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***Flashback- Part one of the continuation of: Half the truth*** (Refer to chapter 2)

(Zach's POV)

I was sitting in Principle Haldon's office tapping my foot loudly and impatiently

"So mister O'Connor I hope you've read, studied and understood the terms and conditions here at McMillan high.

"Yes sir I have." I said failing to hide my boredom.

"Kaleb Phillips please come to the Principles office."

Cassie's POV

"Kaleb Phillips please come to the Principles office," I heard Principle Haldon bellow through the loud speakers. I fought a tear at the mention of Kale's name, we broke up about a week ago. I don't even know why I was at school today; I was leaving to Italy with mum this afternoon I couldn't wait. Mum said it'd take my mind of things. Though as usual there was a catch, she was obliged to go because she had a conference.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when someone pulled a chair out noisily.


I looked over my shoulder to see him walk towards the teachers desk who with a nod of his head, allowed him to leave and go to the principles' office.

Zach's POV

I was getting even more impatient and when 'Haldon' told me he was calling someone responsible in I was expecting some sorta geek - meets - freak guy but then in walked this guy that actually looked equally as bored as me though he looked I don't know upset or troubled in a way but whatever.

"Sir you called me," he said in a monotone.

"Yes Kaleb I would like you to meet Zachary, you'll be showing him around he just moved here, oh and Zachary this is your schedule and I believe you are in... I the same class as Kaleb right now do you may move off to class"

"thanks" I said taking the schedule from his hands.

"And welcome to McMillan High" the principle added as I followed Kaleb on the way out of his office.

"Sup' names Zachary but don't call me that, it's Zach" I said offering my hand in a manly handshake.

"Nothing much, call me Kale"

"cool, so what's the football team here like?"

"Oh you play?"

"Yeah all the way dude, I'm a mean left tackle but can handle a running back or quarterback role."

"Not bad" Kale said nodding his head as we reached the classroom "sir we have a new student," he whispered to the teacher before taking his seat in the class.

"Oh it seems we have a new student, what's you name son?" the teacher announced and asked.

"Zach O'Connor sir".

"well class make sure you welcome Zach, take a seat wherever there's a spare seat.

I looked around the classroom and saw a couple of girls ogling me - nothing new. Till my gaze fell upon the most perfect girl I had ever seen. From her plump rosy red lips to those intoxicating green/grey eyes to her wavy honey brown hair and despite the fact she was sitting I could tell she had a killer body. She was talking and laughing with some brunette chick - damn she was hot too. But that other girl she was something else.

Although she was laughing the laughter never once reached her eyes, it looked like there was some sorta sadness behind them. A bit like Kale, I wondered if there was a connection. I sat down on a free seat next to her; part of me felt like I was sitting somewhere I shouldn't have been but whatever. Kale was on the seat behind me and it looked like he was scowling at me - 'whoa cool it dude' I thought to myself.

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