Thirty one

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I wrapped myself in the warmth of Kaleb, my Master. The water running deep into our skin as we stood there under the shower, he had me pressed up against his chest, I could feel his heart beating against my back. His arms held me tight like he was afraid someone was going to steal me off him. I knew he was still in pain, still hurting over everything that happened, when I asked him about it, he didn't give me much of an explanation, just simple answers. I didn't care that he'd took someone's life again. I didn't care that he was covered in blood when he had walked in. I didn't care he was a monster, I had learned to love that monster. I had learned to cherish him with all of my heart. Yes, I loved him. I knew that now, my heart beat for him, my soul searched for him, he had possessed me, made me his. I didn't care what he'd done to me. I'd forgave him. I knew that sometimes in life we all had to do things that weren't ok. He didn't ask for this life, like I didn't ask for mine but were all given a path and we are to walk on it until our heart stops beating and we vanish into the dark. I don't think I could ever understand what he went through and still goes through, he was too strong, too strong to go through everything he went through and still stay standing but I knew he was hurt, I knew he ached. He needed me just as much as I needed him. I wasn't sure what was to happen to us now that everything had went sideways. I didn't know if he still planned to sell me, he didn't speak of it. He was silent for the most part, he'd spent about an hour just staring at me before we got in the shower. I didn't care about it all as long as I was here with him right now.

I turned around in his arms, my eyes making contact with his, he was deep in thought, he looked conflicted. I ached to touch him, to make him feel better. Lifting up on my toes I wrapped my arms around his neck, my lips brushing against his. He greedily pulled me tighter against him, devouring my mouth. He held me roughly, his grip hurt but it was something I'd learned to love about him, he held me like it pained him to let go. I slid my hand down and traced my fingers across his length. He was hard. I embraced him in my hand, stroking him, he groaned into my mouth as he pushed me back against the wall. I started to move faster, rubbing him back and forth. Breaking the kiss, I slid down to my knees, my eyes never leaving his as he watched me. I held him against my mouth, kissing the tip, he took a deep breath as I did, his hands fisted at his sides. I took him in my mouth, my tongue tracing over his skin, moving my head forward, taking all of him. I could feel him touching against the back of my throat. His hand found its way to my wet hair, he grabbed it and pushed my head into him, I gagged around his largeness, my eyes watering with every thrust that he pushed into my throat. The space in my mouth felt empty as he pulled out, he lifted me up, grabbing my body in his arms, I wrapped my legs around his waist as he held me captive between him and the wall. He kissed down my neck, his mouth finding it's way to my breasts, I moaned as he took my nipple in his teeth and bit it. I still felt sore in between my legs, I even had a stomach ache but I didn't care, I wanted him just as bad as he wanted me. He rubbed himself against my slit, awakening all types of emotions inside me. His mouth found mine and took it eagerly as his length pushed inside of me, I clutched him as pain found it's way to me again. My nails digging into his back, he growled into my mouth, gently thrusting into me. Soon the pain mixed with pleasure and I was burning against him. He picked up pace, panting as he pounded me. I moaned out, my head tilting back and resting on the wall. I could feel him growing inside me, filling all of me. His hand grabbed and squeezed my ass all the while his length pushed back and forth. I let out a small yelp as he bit into my neck, sucking and and biting it, the pain building something wild throughout my body. He groaned as his thrusts got faster, he wasn't giving me a chance to breathe now. I was tingling all over my body, he went in again and again until our bodies came crashing down into each other. He pressed his forehead against mine, panting against my lips. I looked into his promising eyes as he said 'Mine.'

I whispered back 'Yours.'

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