Chapter 2

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Rowan woke up the next morning to the house quieter than normal. She didn't pay it any mind as she slipped into the shower, and cleaned off the feeling of Nicholas' hands from her body. She put on an outfit that Holden would deem appropriate enough for her to leave the house in, and she made her way down the stairs and towards his office. She noticed that not many guards lined the hall this early in the morning. Knocking lightly on the door, she entered and smiled at her brother who sat at his desk very busy with his work.

"I'm glad you found your way into your bed last night." He said only glancing up at her for a moment, before continuing to write out some form of a report she didn't care about.

"Was everything okay at the club?" She asked, hope present in her eyes.

"Everything was fine, princess. I told you not to worry. Tame ambushed us, but they lost more men than they expected in the gunfire. Everyone is fine, and either in a bed or in the infirmary." She nodded and sat up from the chair, looking over her shoulder at her brother. Sometimes she felt bad for him, he was thrown into one of the highest positions at such a young age. He used to have to fight for any sort of respect, and now this gang was soon to be his. This gang needed him, but she also thought at times that maybe he needed them more.

"I want to go out today." She said, standing by the door and he shook his head. She groaned and leaned against the door.

"Please Holden." He shook his head again, and set down his pencil to give her his full attention.

"Give it a few days, let everything die down. I don't have anyone that is willing or well enough to go out with you." She rolled her eyes at him and nodded, a frown pulled at her brothers cheeks.

"It's not a bad thing, it's just-"

"No one wants to be responsible for getting the King's daughter killed or kidnapped. I get it." She said turning on her heel and leaving him alone in his office. She made her way back up the stairs, and found herself walking towards Reese's room. She opened the door to find him still fast asleep in his bed causing her to chuckle and shuffle back to her bedroom. Almost immediately as she entered her bedroom, she remembered the note she had gotten last night and opened her bedside table to retrieve it. She read it over a few times before folding it up and putting it back.

"You should really show someone." A voice called, and her eyes met the same maid from the night before.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Rowan snapped, more annoyed with the fact that she had been caught than anything else.

"I saw it last night, but I left it because it's not my place. You should tell someone princess." And then the maid turned on her heel, and left Rowan's room. Rowan eyed the drawer and sighed. Swallowing her pride, she unfolded the paper and began the walk down to her father's office.

"Good morning Princess." A guard who stood by her father's office smiled at her, she knew him as Greg. He was very close to her father, so she returned the smiled and entered her father's office. He sat almost in the same position that Holden sat in and didn't glance up at her. She rolled her eyes, and smacked the paper down in front of him. His eyes scanned across the lines a few times, before he looked up at her.

"And where the hell did you get this?" He asked her, he rose to meet her height and glared at her.

"It was on my pillow last night." He lowered his eyes at her and brought it up from the table to read it again. He held his ear piece and asked Holden to report to his office, that's when Rowan knew she had done it. She was going to get screamed at for this, and she didn't know why. Holden entered the room and eyed her, and then their father as he held the note out for Holden to take. Holden read it over and then looked up at his father with wide eyes.

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