The last voyage

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(Imma just tell you that everything isn't exactly as it is in the episodes when it comes to dialog. Because sometimes I can't find it in English, so then I try to translate it from other languages. That might make it another word. But with the same meaning...just to u know)

We were trying to repair the bounty since it was broken by the stone warriors. Sensei and Zane was standing on a big rock to look at the dark island. We were in the middle of nowhere but it was some houses where those we saved was living in for the moment. We saw Zane's falcon fly towards the dark island. Nya was talking to Jay, then turned to the rest of us.

"Sorry guys! She's not getting airborne any time soon."

"So if the stone army attack again, we're sitting ducks!" Cole exclaim.

"Eh, Ducks can fly Cole, weren't you listening?" Jay mock. 

"We just got our tail cut off. A-And we couldn't even stop one of them! Ugh! I hate feeling helpless!" Kai sulk.

"We mustn't give up hope, Kai." Sensei Wu say.

"But the stone army is indestructible! You saw it! At best, all my powers could do, was slow them down!" Lloyd complain.

"That's not entirely true." Misako say. "There is a way to defeat them! And it's told within the scrolls." She say and we all smile, looking at each other. Misako rolled up a scroll where the four ninjas was giving their powers to the green and yellow Ninja. "The prophesy reveals that the power to defeat the stone army lies within the green and yellow ninja."

"I tried! I-I gave them everything I had!" Lloyd say, holding his hands out in defeat.

"Yes, but you're stronger than you think. Look. The true power of the green and yellow ninja can only be unlocked when their four protectors find their full pure elemental powers." Misako say.

"Aaaare, we the protectors?" Cole ask.

"Pfft! Silly question! Of course we are! Haha! ... Right?" Jay laugh.

"If we ARE the protectors, then we're doomed! Our elemental weapons no longer exists!" Zane say. "We cannot tap into our elemental powers without them."

"But the power DO exist in each of you! And there is a way to unlock your powers on your own. We must go to the temple of light." Misako say.

"The temple of light? What's that?" Nya ask.

"The gold in the golden weapons was from the golden peeks. But they were forged in the temple of light." Misako say and roll up another scroll. "A powerful place I only thought existed in legends." Misako say, looking at the colorful scroll.

"Is it on the dark island." Wu ask.

"I think our only choice is to find out." Misako request.

"So we get our powers back!? Alright!" Cole exclaim and jump in joy.

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