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Her wet lips plant firm kisses on the sensitive parts of my neck. They feel so natural, so right.

My hands are positioned on her shoulder blades, causing some damage.

She's stiff in my passion, brushing that area that has me screwing my eyes shut. My legs wrap around her waist, locking my ankles.

Breathlessly, I tell her that I need her in a extreme measure at this point. She'd just bite her lip with a smirk. Right before jutting her hips repeatedly to a steady rhythm.

My head is thrown back and I brand her back with my nails. Pleasured sounds comes from my mouth. Our bodies are slick with sweat.

Our connected arousals making the filthiest noises.

Oh, God, she's so big. Holding me open wider than I thought I could go.

I grind upwards, meeting her thrust. The euphoria washing over me is amazing. I look up into her dark, lustful eyes.

I bite my lip harshly, whimpering as she hits that spot repeatedly. I feel my climax approaching faster and faster.

Oh, fuck, I'm so close. I bite down on her shoulder harshly all while raking bright red down her back.

She grunts, moving like a piston in my pleasure. Our skin dripping sweat, her curls sticking to her forehead.

Those eyes, piercing my wanton soul. My mouth hangs open, getting arid with my pants.

Hoarse moans escape my throat, quickening with each hard, jerky thrust.

She flashes that sexy smile, "Cum for me, baby." All I could do was nod before-

"Miss Jauregui!"

I shake my head lightly, blinking twice before focusing on the young professor.

I clear my throat, licking my dry lips, "Uh, y-yes, Professor L/N?"

She raises an eyebrow before tapping the board, projecting Odyssey. She crosses her arms over her blood red dress shirt.

Damn, that's a good color on her. "Give us the summary of Homer's Odyssey," she says in an authoritative tone.

"It's an epic of Odysseus' 10-year struggle to return home after the Trojan War. He battles mystical creatures and faces the wrath of the gods," I pause, taking in that dominant stance.

I wonder if she is a dominant.

"All while his wife Penelope and his son Telemachus stave off suitors vying for her hand and Ithaca's throne long enough for Odysseus to return," I finish, tapping my pen against my desk.

She nods while I speak, raising an impressed eyebrow, "Good job, Miss Jauregui."

I could swear on my life that she gave me that smile.

That smile that'll have me soaking my seat. As if it wasn't already. She licks her lips before turning to the rest of the class.

I couldn't hear what she's saying due to my mind drifting to that daydream. I stare down at my paper in front of me.

Over a thousand words explaining a complete breakdown of Odyssey as well as parts of Iliad.

An epic that I've grown to love. Honestly, anything she touches on I start to taking a liking in.

She spends extra time on Greek tragedies rather than other forms. Antigone and Oedipus Rex I notice, are her favorites.

She once humored that Prometheus Bound pales in comparison to Game of Thrones. Saying that it's pretty tame while the tragedy is far from.

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