Chapter 36


“Hey Sarah” CC whispered to me.

“Mhmm?” We were lying in our bunk on the bus and everyone was asleep except us.

“Wanna fuck with the guys?”

“How so” I asked with a mischevious smile.

“Pretend were fucking :3”

“Oh Christian” I chuckled. “Of course” He smiled and let out a groan. I silently laughed and moaned. We made kissing noises and little grunts.

“Christian” I moaned. Then, CC started shaking the bus. I smiled and joined in.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STOP SHAKING THE GOD DAMN BUS!” Jinxx yelled and we silently laughed. I groaned and moaned until CC said something.

“WHOS YOUR DADDY!” I stayed silent for a second. “WHOS YOUR DADDY!”

“YOU!” I screamed and moaned.

“SERIOUSLY! SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Jake yelled and then CC slapped my ass… hard. We started bouncing on the bed, making it squeak.

“SOMEBODY SHUT THEM UP!” Ashley yelled as we continued to fuck with their minds. We heard someones curtain yank open and then something hit our curtain.

“GO TO SLEEP!” Andy yelled and I’m guessing his curtain was yanked closed.

“WE KNOW YOUR FAKING!” Ashley yelled and we chuckled. I looked into CC’s big brown eyes and crashed my lips to his. Soon my shorts were being slipped off. I heard someone’s curtain yank open and feet hit the floor.

CC was on top of me and the blankets cae up to the middle of his back. We were completely naked.

Our curtain was yanked open and quickly yanked closed followed my Jake’s screams.

“GOD! THEY ACTUALLY ARE FUCKING!” I heard his jump back in his bunk and smiled.

“GO TO SLEEP!” Jinxx yelled and we continued for another 10 minutes before CC rolled over and wrapped me in his arms.

When I woke up, all the guys were sitting on the couches and looked like zombies while we were fully rested.

“Hi” I chuckled and I got a death glare from all 4 of them.

“FUCK! YOU!” Andy yelled while flipping us off.

“Love you too Biersack” I said with a smile and made a heart with my hands.

“I’m going back to bed” Jinxx said, heading back to the bunk room. We heard a bang and CC came out rubbing his shoulder.

“Ow, damn Jinxx pushes hard.”

“He’s just tired” I smirked.

“WE ALL ARE!” Jake yelled and went to the bunk room.

“Thanks for keeping us up last night” Ashley muttered and slapped CC in the back of the head before going to the bunk room.


“Cause, shes a girl” Andy said, slapping CC’s head and going to the bunk room. I smirked and he hugged and kissed me. He pulled me onto his lap and smiled.

“You know, you still haven’t told your dad about…” He paused and picked up my left hand.

“Oh yea” I muttered, playing with the ring.

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