chapter seven

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Baekhyun POV
    I hang out with my friend today since we all decided to not go to school.
  At suho place.
We were all chatting. Kia and Kris the players of our group arranged for girls to meet us. I told them am not interested. I have hera. Speaking of Hera gosh I forgot about the appointment. Its past one in the afternoon.

   I quickly left and went to her part time job. As soon as I entered I saw her behind the counter making coffee for a customer. She works at a cafe.

   She looked at me and frowned
"What are you doing here baekhyun"
    " am sorry I totally forgot. Am really sorry"
"You forgot? Of course you will forget, I was kinda expecting you to say that. Just go, am working don't disturb me" she said angrily.
   "OK take care" I said before walking out.

   I walked to nowhere in particular before I received a phone call. I picked up without looking at the caller
  ' hello little bro'
I removed the phone from my ear and looked at the caller id
   ' beakbeom how are doing' I said a smile gracing my face.

  Beakbeom is the only one I consider family. Our parents are always busy and never at home since we were kids. He has been mother and father figure for me. He is 23 years and is currently in the state handling my dad company there.

  ' hey kiddo aren't you suppose to be in school.'
'Then why did you call. Well I decided to skip today' beakhyun answered.
  'OK just missing you. Take care gotta go' he said before hanging up.

  Baekhyun just smiled and removed the phone from his ear.
He doesn't want to be like his brother who was forced to take over the company. He wants to be a singer.

  He went home and decided to pick Hera later when she close and take her to dinner.

  "Don't you think baekhyun has been behaving weird since last month. He doesn't hang out with girls anymore and has been thinking lately" kia said.

   "Its true maybe something is disturbing him" Kris said.
"Let's find out and help him" said luhan and everyone nodded.

Hera POV
  I was really angry at baekhyun today. The boss said a new employee is coming today which is good since its less work for me.

  The person came in and its a boy but I couldn't see him his face since he was backing me. When he turned back I was surprised
   "Hello pretty girl. We met again" he said smiling.

   I just laughed nodding. Seems like work is gonna be a little interesting now that I have a companion.

     I continued working while he went to change his cloth. The day passed by quickly and before I knew it was time to go home.
Jin insisted on taking me home since he brought his car. I said no cause I want to buy something and think.

  He finally let go after much persuasion and left. I sigh and went home. On my way home I passed a shortcut that is a little bit dark but I thought it was OK. On my way home, two drunk men approached me and I tried to walk faster but they caught me.

Nobody's POV
  Baekhyun went to Hera work but was told that she left already. He quickly entered his car home but she wasn't there either.

He became worried and went outside waiting for her. He decided to walk  passing the alley in search for her before he heard a scream. A girly scream that sounds like Hera's .

Hera tried to struggle as the men wants to undress her. She screamed and one of them slapped her
She hissed in pain but continued because of her baby. She might lose the baby.

" hey bitch stop struggling. Do you want me to hurt you" one of them said.
   "Please am pregnant, please stop" Hera said crying. The smell of alcohol makes her want to puke.

"Oh you are pregnant. That's nice. I always want to sleep with a pregnant woman" the second one said and successfully tore Hera top leaving her in her bra only.

  He kissed her and she couldn't do anything since the second one was holding her hand. He went to her neck kissing her skin. Hera screamed again and got slapped. He proceeded to her skirt but stopped when he heard a scream. A boy rush to them and punched him angrily. The second drunk ran away as the boy focused on the one kissing hera and beat him until he fainted.

He ran to Hera who was crying and using her ripped cloth to cover her boobs.
  "Hera!!" The boy screamed
"Be..baek..hyun" Hera said before hugging him tightly.
  "Its OK. Am sorry am late" beakhyun said before removing his jacket to cover Hera. Hera stood up shakingly and felt something trickling down her legs. She hold her stomach in pain.

  Baekhyun looked down and saw blood trickling down Hera leg.
  "Hera". Hera looked down before fainting.

" Hera!!" baekhyun screamed before carrying her and ran to the hospital.

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