Chapter 16: Sweden

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We landed in Gothenburg Sweden and once we exited the airport the chill of the autumn air hit us hard. I saw Anya shiver and without hesitation I took off my hoodie and handed it to her. She gratefully took it and tossed it on and the look of relief on her face was downright precious. My grey long sleeve T-shirt just about shielded me from the chill as we got into a uber taking us to somewhere in the countryside – which is where Edward's cottage is suppose to be.

The uber barely came to a stop before Edward came to meet us, he even paid the driver... fucking show off! I watched the true happiness on Anya's face as she hugged him. I purposely ignored their greeting as I grabbed our bags from the car.

"Oh, Demitri! Hi, sorry mate let me help you" Edward offered taking Anya's bags from me. Yeah thank you so very much mate!

Edward led us inside a pretty large stone cottage where we were met with four more smiling faces.

"Everyone, this is my poppet Anya and her best friend Demitri" Edward introduced "Anya, Demitri these two freeloaders are my cousins Collin and Terry and the ladies, Teresa and Bobbie work for me and really deserved some time off"

After that it was a blurred tangled mess of handshakes and hugs as greeting progressed. Somehow we ended up in our assigned rooms which I hate to admit, is pretty nice. Cozy and warm like the rest of the house decorated with dark wood – almost black furnishings and even had a stone fire place to warm up the room. A vintage clock and various nick knacks decorated the mantel. We got a tour of the cozy cottage which was very convenient coz as soon as the tour ended, dad phoned me about some fucking problem at the company that they apparently can't handle without me.

So here I am, stuck in the study behind a desk in front of a computer screen on skype with dad trying to fix this botched up paperwork that could easily been avoided if those fuckers back home did their job right!

I wasn't gonna bother with this nonsense and let dad handle it but Anya assured me that dealing with this would not ruin our trip... but I could see the disappointment behind her smiling face.

I sighed pinching the bridge of my nose to try and calm myself at the sheer stupidity of the situation. "Dad, just have Oscar compare the invoices of the last three months and make the changes to the server"

"How are they so far behind Demitri!?" dad looked like a volcano about to erupt "you should've checked these things each and every fucking month!"

I rolled my eyes "yes dad I know! I'm sorry I assumed adults could be responsible and take pride in their fucking work!" I was fuming

"Don't even start that sarcastic crap with me boy! You should be on a plane back here to fix this not frolicking around the countryside after Anya!" I know he's my dad, but he can be a real fucking prick sometimes!

I looked out the window to my left and saw everyone outside playing what almost looked like touchies football. One particular player caught my eye... Her hair blowing wild in the wind as she runs away with the ball in her hand. I smiled unconsciously at her child like excitement... but that soon faltered when one of the guys – Collin I think – run straight at her duck down and with one arm around her midsection tackle her into a pile of autumn leaves right as she throws the ball – with mighty force I might add – to Edward. They both laughed as they emerged from the leaves. He still had his fucking arm around her!

"Demitri focus!" Dad demanded my attention back to the matter at hand

"Yeah dad, let's just get this shit over with so I can get back to my vacation" dad scoffed but reluctantly we continued the strenuous task.

The sun had set by the time I fixed what Oscar fucked up combined with dad's crappy attitude I was beyond exhausted and in desperate need of a drink. The house was quiet as I made my way down stairs through the living room and to the kitchen. I heard laughter and voices from the back yard as I grabbed a beer from the fridge and made my way out the back door. I was mid swig when I saw a sight that turned my vision red. Everyone was hanging around a fire joking around but that guy - Colin had his arm around Anya's waist and planted a kiss on her cheek. Furious I turned on my heels and headed back through the still open door slamming it shut once I was inside again. I sat the still chilled beer down so hard on the counter I thought the glass bottle would shatter. Climbing the stairs and slamming my bedroom door shut with all my power trying to get my frustration out. We've hardly been here a full day and some Fucker is already moving in on her! And she doesn't seem to mind. Still heavily frustrated I tossed some logs in the fireplace and lit it to warm up my room as all I want to do now is sleep this shitty day away.

I had just got the fire going when a faint knock sounded through the room before it opened cautiously "Demitri? Are you okay?"

Normally her voice would calm me instantly but right now it just pissed me off more "Fine. Just go back to your fun" I snarled at her

She closed the door behind her and made her way over to me as I stood from my crouching position in front of the fire "aren't you coming?"

"No. now just go I'm not in the mood for this crap Anya"

"Crap? What the hell Demitri why are you in such a shit mood lately!? This was suppose to be fun!" she fumed at me

I scoffed "Fun? Yeah I'm having loads of fun watching guys flirt and put their hands on you like I've been doing for years!" yeah I said it!

"Oh like watching you parade around girl after girl right in front of my nose straight through high school and long after that was SO exciting for me!? At least I tried to be nice to them! You just freak out and slam doors!"

"Well why the fuck do you put up with me then!? If I've been such a horrible friend why did you still come back for me!?" I was reaching my boiling point

"Because I love you you jerk!"


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