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~The next day~

Will was able to contact his parents, and told them about the big news. Their reactions were quite similar to Shelby's parents. Eventually, they both made a video, announcing the engagement, and the comment section was packed with Kiibble shippers. Of course, they posted the link to that video on Twitter, and Graser even posted the video of the actual proposal. Little did the fam know, drama would occur. Not everything will be all sunshine and rainbows anymore. Because life wasn't meant to be perfect, and you can't always expect it to be. But since they were all caught up in such a beautiful moment, they didn't even care about all the crazy people in the world...

(I used bee, because her and Will usually flirt on Twitter)
As I scrolled through Twitter for the first time in awhile, I couldn't help but see a bunch of fangirls commenting on two specific videos... They were about Will and Shelby... BEING ENGAGED. WHAT? I didn't even think they were dating!  I thought Will and I had something! We've both never talked about this, but when Will went through that bad breakup, I was there supporting him for the whole month of his depression. I didn't even think I'd develop feelings for him... We even vowed something. That when he was better, and when I was back making YouTube videos, we'd be together! I think, I waited too long... But that doesn't mean I can't just let them be together. Will and I are meant to be! I can't let this happen. You know what. I'm flying to L.A. to change his mind. I don't care what it takes. I don't care about whose heart I'm about to break. He. Will. Be. Mine. He doesn't have a choice.
(Yandere~chan reference)

Drama! You can't be engaged without drama, right? XD
Anyways, thank you for reading yet, another chapter!
Edit: If you're reading this, I didn't make any major changes. I just had to correct something😂

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