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Lilac's P.O.V

I looked over another heart scan and wrote down the diagnosis that I discovered. It was the usual 74 year old male having heart palpitations and wanting a diagnoses and it either being a heart attack from wear and tear or calcium build up in the arteries. I'd been here all night at it's just hitting the early hours of the morning I was working in short stay as well as the cardiac ward so I was slightly busy but it was still reasonably quite.

I glanced up at the roster and saw that Addison was starting in the same unit soon. A smile formed on my lips. She was interesting. She was definitely something else. She had this strange quirk about her. She also seemed so intimidated or nervous around me and I didn't know why. Did I have a booger or something hanging out of my nose? Was I ugly? Did I have a resting bitch face? I don't see why I care about what she thinks though, I mean my ex already explained about how I looked like her dogs ass after it had the trots. Which of course I was glad we had broken up after that. I turned my attention to the door when I heard it open. I smiled when I met the green eyes of Addison.

"Dr Wilcox," I smiled, crossing my arms over my chest watching her walk towards the desk.

"Dr Willows," she nodded, putting a coffee cup on the bench. I was currently working in as the doctor in charge so this will be fun. I watched as she sat down and winced slightly. I furrowed my eyebrows watching her lean awkwardly against the table. Was she hurt?

"Wake up on the wrong side of the bed?" I asked, taking notes on the scan I was just finishing up on.

"Something like that," she mumbled. I heard papers shuffle behind me so I knew she was ready to clock on.

"Patients 1-5 are yours and patients 6-10 are mine,"


"Patient in bed 1 is in for neck and spinal injury during a sporting accident. They are under observation and waiting for a CT scan. Patient in bed 3 is a trauma patient waiting for the heart scan that I have right here. Patient in bed 5 is in for results on scans of the head after complaints of painful headaches lasting for a few days,"

"And their medicine records are?" Addison asked.

"Green file to your right," I smiled, glancing back up to her. She looked different. I didn't know what it was exactly but her presence was off. She looked tired and like she was in pain.

"You know, you can call in sick if you need to,"

"I'm not sick, I'm fine," she smiled, grabbing her patients clipboards and walking over to see them.

"Doctor have you seen my results yet?" The old man asked. I tried not to roll my eyes. This is the fifth time he's asked in an hour and he doesn't realise I have other patients to see as well.

"Yes I have them Mr Harrison and I will be seeing you shortly,"

"Thank god," he grumbled, putting his hands on his belly. I wrote down a couple more things before filing the scan to the main radiologist and to the head doctor in charge. I looked up and saw Addison chatting and laughing with her first patient. She was eighteen and had really nice brown eyes. It was sad to hear how her spinal happened but I hope she's out playing sports again soon. I got up and headed towards Mr Harrison's bed. The nurse smiled at me as she went to record the other patients blood pressure.

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