Decisions. Part 28

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13th October 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Fai's POV...

Life can either be made easier or harder with the decisions we all have to make at times. It doesn't matter where we live or who we are or even what our cultural background is. Our lives revolve around the decisions we all make.

Hence the decision I am tossing around in my head after the talk I had with Rem. A very apologetic Rem at that.

The man sat across from me the following day after meeting my grandparents as we sat out the back in the warm afternoon sun on a beautiful sunny day. He was sitting so close that our knees were just about touching each other. He had a few moments earlier, dragged the chair he was currently sitting on around the table on the other side so that he was right next to me. But that wasn't enough for him for some reason.

He grabbed the arms of the chair I was sitting on and turned it so that the table was now beside me and I was facing him as he sat my chair down, with me in it I might add, and then face his chair towards me.

I had finished another set of exercises that my physiotherapist had me doing on a regular basis and after having a shower and helping mum beginning to put dinner on, Rem turned up to have that conversation we were suppose to have the day before after I finally gave in and allowed him to see me after so many months of his continual calling in on me.

" When Matt came in and finally told me that he found you, all I wanted to do was come to you. But your daughter persuaded me otherwise when she came barrelling into my office and slugging me one as quick as she did." He said to me with a slight sound of awe to his voice. He sort of sounds somewhat amzed when he refers to my daughter. Much like his son does as well.

" She does get annoyed when there is some injustice that has been done. Especially where her family is concerned. But when she gives her loyalty to someone, they have it for life. Or until they betray her in some rather nasty way, of course." I said to him with a bit of a smile on my face as I think of my daughter. The daughter who acts very much like her great-grandmother, Kallendriah Tarin does at times.

" I can't apologise enough for acting the way I have. I ran scared and fully admit it. I've never met anyone like you before and it scared me shitless with how intense and so quick everything got for us. Then Burt planted that other program and I was stunned stupid for a brief moment or two. But when I came to my senses after you walked out the door, we got to looking straight into finding out who the real criminal was. Delia was onto it straight away rushing right into your little office and got stuck into the PC units you had set up. It was her who found out about the security camera's you installed throughout the office area's." He was explaining to me what happened after I left and how the three of them, Rem, Prissy and Matt had worked all night to get proof that I was innocent. But it was too much to think about now. I was still tired each day and that all happened months and months ago.

" Priscilla has already explained all that to me." I murmured to him as I rubbed my protruding baby bump that he has been eyeing off ever since he arrived. It was easy to see. The baby was rolling around a lot now and I couldn't help but smile as I felt the little one move under my hand.

" Did they get all the cancer?" He asked me quietly which brought my attention to him.

" They are confident that hey have. So, I don't have any worries about it." I said to him softly when I saw the worried look onhis face.

" You had only just found out when you came back into the office, hadn't you?" He asked me as he say on the edge of his chair with his hands clasped between his knees. His feet were bouncing a little which told me that he was very nervous.

" Yeah. I just had it confirmed and that it needed to be seen to within days. The doctors said by the end of the week. So, when I was released the next morning and driven to the train station at Chatswood to pick up my car, I came straight here. It wasn't long after eight an hour later that I was told to present myself to Westmead that evening for surgery the following day. So, everything was full on for me after that." I said to him in a quiet tone of voice as I rested back against the back of the chair and watched him. I couldn't do much of anything else when he was right in my face so to speak.

Then my thoughts were brought back to the baby who had suddenly gave a sharp jab with his tiny elbow or foot. Rem noticed that my hand was slowly rubbing the area of concern where I had been jabbed.

" Umm. Can I have a feel?" He quietly asked me very nervously as he looked at me before dropping his eyes to my baby bump belly.

I reached out for his hand and pulled it over to the area of my tummy where most of the baby moves are being felt. I felt a spark go through my hand and up my arm when I took hold of his larger and callased hand in my own and moved it across to lay it against me. I jerked the moment I felt that spark and my eyes were quick to look up at him to see if he felt that too. By the look on his face, I think he did.

Then, when he felt the baby moving around beneath his hand, I saw the slow smile begin to creep across his face as he watched the bump for the slow movements he was finding much joy in feeling. Then he reached out with his other hand and rested it against his other one. We just stayed like that for a little while with his focusing on the baby and me focusing on him.

I don't know when it was that one of my hands lifted and the fingers of my hand started to brush through his hair which I had noticed had gotten a little longer since the last time I saw him.

" Hello, baby. This is your dad. I can hardly wait to meet you." He whispered to my belly when he lowered his head a little more. Then he leaned right in and kissed the bump through the smock I was wearing.

We stayed like that until mum came and yelled out through the sliding door to the family room that dinner was ready and after a moment, Rem begamn moving back and slowly pushed himself to his feet.

After moving the chair a little bit further away, he turned to help me up off my chair and while holding one hand, he wrapped the other hand across my back and walked me back into the house like I was fragile china that needed care of. I didn't have the heart to tell him that I can move myself about quite well without assistance these days. There are only a few things that I can't do. But I am working on it.

For the rest of the evening while Rem was there, he hovered around me and saw to all my needs that he thought I needed. Mum and dad along with Gamma and Poppa were all looking at him as if he was crazy.

But I indulged the man. He was trying his best after everything that had happened between us. But if he thought I was going to give in to the man any time soon, he can damn well think again. It's not going to happen and I have a really good reason for doing so.

This was one decision I was not going to be rushing into.

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