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My name is Valerie O'Doherty, I used to be a student at the Galaxy Garrison, a flight school. It's where I meant some of my best friends, got to meet the pilot I looked up to, went on one hell of an adventure. But, that's a bit to far into the story. Let's start from the beginning.

I was in the flight simulator with my crew, the engineer— Mackey Daleske— and the pilot, Keith Kogane. Yeah, I was put on the crew with the hot head behavioral issue kid of the Garrison. And surprisingly, the both of us were close friends. Once we had finished the simulator, we stood in front of Commander Iverson. He had asked our classmates what we had done wrong, a couple hands went up. Only comment was on Keith's hot headed attitude towards me and Mackey.

"Class dismissed." Commander Iverson said and we saluted him off.

Everyone in the class went their separate ways. Keith and I stuck together, we were really each other's only friends. Sure, I talked to other people at the Garrison, Keith was the only person I talked to daily, when we weren't in class. We always hung out, that was until he got kicked out. Behavioral issues. I can't say I wasn't surprised when they booted him. It had to have come sooner or later. I still kept in touch with him after that. School had been released for the summer, that was the time I spent with Keith. I didn't go home. I didn't want to. Keith knew my home situation.

My step-dad's a train system worker, works a lot of overtime. Meanwhile, my mom is a stay at home mom taking care of my younger siblings. Growing up with her, we constantly butted heads. Some of the things we argued about were very little things that she got mad at for no reason. I could have gotten stuck in traffic on my way home and she would have gotten mad at me. Arguing was one issue, she was also pretty much boarder line mentally abusive. She would always tell me that I couldn't be a pilot. That I needed a more practical career path. I laughed at her when I got my Galaxy Garrison acceptance letter. Keith knew all of this. I knew his past too. Parents leaving, foster families, all that.

Keith was living on his own and let me stay with him over the summer. There was a few times I had let him stay with me while he had stuff going on in his life. He kind of owed me. He had something going on in the living room though. Maps of something. Leading somewhere. I didn't ask what it was. I didn't have time to really. School was starting and I had to go back to the Garrison.

It was so weird not walking into the school with Keith like we had done in past years. I walked through the gates in my flight suit and went to my dorm room. After settling in and catching up with my roommate and other friends, we had all went to see our crews.

"Looks liked I'm with you and Daniel this year, Val." One of my friends, Millie, said as I looked at the list. I was the pilot of my crew this year. Wow.

Classes were somewhat easy, when Lance McClain wasn't showing off. I was waiting with the rest of my crew as the crew inside went through the Kerberos rescue mission simulator. I wasn't surprised when Commander Iverson talked to Lances crew about their many mistakes. My crew was up next. We had walked into the simulator and took our seats and went through the simulator, passing it. Commander Iverson congratulated us and dismissed the class after a couple other groups went.

"Valerie." I heard Lance call from behind me.

I sighed and turned around, "What Lance." I asked as I saw him, Hunk, and Pidge walk up to me

"How did you pass the simulator?" Lance asked me

"One, I'm not cocky when I fly, two, I flew with Keith last year, I learned from his mistakes." I told him.

"She's not wrong Lance." Hunk said

I sighed and walked away from the group to my dorm room. It had been a long day and I needed rest, but being an insomniac, it didn't come. Instead I went to the Garrisons roof to clear my head. I was going to walk through the door when Lance, Pidge, and Hunk opened it.

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