My little Puppy - Chris Motionless

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--Fetus Chris though😂--



Chris's POV

It's ten at night When I pull up to my house to see Ricky's car parked in my driveway, I didn't want to tell him I was coming home earlier than planned cause I knew he would tell Shadow, My sub, pet, and little puppy.

I went on a small two week trip to LA for something for the new album, I left my precious pet in the care of Ricky who didn't need to go, he always looks after her so he knows my rules and that she knows to listen to him, if she doesn't he can punish her.

Just not sexually.

I knew she heard me pull up and my car door close after I got out so I'm excited to see her, she always greets me when I walk in.

When I open the house door hear I the TV on and see no Shadow standing there waiting for me, confused, I walk to the living room seeing Ricky sitting comfortably on my black couch watching TV and drinking water.

He looks my way and smiles leaning on his knees as I drop my keys on the small table in front of the couch looking around, No Shadow, where is she? I look at Ricky, he just continues to smile at me.

"Hey, Chris. How was LA?" He asks raising an eyebrow, he's acting as if my Puppy isn't missing, I will hurt him if he did anything bad to her.

"Where's my Shadow?" I ask, my voice is a little harsher than intended as I cross my arms.

His smile immediately vanishes, "Oh, Fuck.." He mumbles.

Oh fuck right, I will go insane on him if he doesn't tell me.

"Ricky, where is she? If something happened to her, I will hurt you." I growl, he quickly raises his hands in surrender and shakes his hand.

"Nothing happened to her, Chris. I promise. I just forgot to call you and tell you she's being punished right now. I was going to get her before you came back, but, you're back." He explains, I sigh in relief but now I'm wondering what she did. I sit down on the couch next to him as I look at him again.

"What did she do?" I ask, excepting something small like she took her collar off with permission or she didn't wear what I told her to.

Sighing he Leans back, "Last night she was acting differently, she didn't talk at all. But when I told her to go to bed, she cursed me out and yelled. I don't know what happened." He explains, shrugging.

She yelled at him and cursed him out? That's hard to believe, she's always been a good girl for him and most of the time for me, I can't imagine her doing that but if Ricky is punishing her it must be true.

"I'll talk to her. Where is she?" I stand up again, she'll tell me what happened, she's always honest and knows she must tell me how she feels so I can take care of her better.

"Upstairs, your room in her cage." He answers, I simply nod and walk out of the living room to the stairs in between the living room and kitchen.

When I get to the second floor I go straight to the last door in the hallway, my bedroom door is closed probably so she can't see or hear anything outside.

I slowly open it and step in not at first seeing her cage because it's on the other side of my bed, on my side. I close the door back before walking around the bed, there she is, laying down in a small ball in her large cage.

Her small figure in nothing but her underwear and one of my shirts that I told her she could wear, she also has on her black wolf ears and tail. Her long black hair is in front of her face, her eyes are closed, her pale tattooed skin looking soft and smooth with her legs waxed, her black collar telling people she's owned is around her pale throat and her breathing is even.

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