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"So all set, my princess?" Robert asked and I nodded excitedly.

"It has been so much time, since I have been outside, I am really excited!" I jumped a little but controlled myself. He eyed me with worry and said,

"Why you never gone out?" I laughed nervously and brushed him off. I almost gave myself up. Anyways, I sat on the carriage and waited for Robert to enter but my eyes widened when I saw that instead of Robert, Xander is entering the carriage. I internally cursed my fate but said nothing as he sat too close to me. I waited for Robert to enter to lessen the awkwardness but he never came and the horses pulled the carriage.

"Where is Robert?" I asked skeptically. God knows if he just wanted to set this all up.

"Don't worry princess, he is on another carriage" He explained but I was not going to get it.

"And why not in ours?" I questioned crossing my arms and tilting to the side so I could communicate with him well. His pitch black hair were a little bedraggled but they suited him well. He always has his hair in shape so it's a little nice to see him like this. He wore a white button up shirt with black pants and a long black overcoat whose all front buttons were opened. Overall, he looked really good.

"Because there is no more space" he said with amusement dancing in his black orbs. I looked around and saw that most of the carriage is still unoccupied because it is really big.

"What are you talking about?" I asked him confused.

"So where you want to go? Any place particular or somewhere good where I should take you?" He asked ignoring my earlier statement. Well to think of it, I haven't though where I wanted to go, I just wanted to be out. Maybe it will be a good idea if I let him take me somewhere because honestly I don't know this place to suggest anything.

A memory pooped into my mind and my heart swelled at the thought of the sweet old lady.
"So?" Xander further questioned regarding where we wanted to go.

"Actually I have a place in my mind" I stated and Xander for a second looked at me with weirdness but eventually smiled.

"So where you want to go my princess?" I told him the irregular way that I remember and hoped that he will get where I wanted to go.

"Why that place of all? There are many good places in here I can take you to some beautiful one" He said but I refused immediately.

"You questioned where I wanted to go and I want to go there" I stared a d he sighed but didn't said anything.

It will be so good to let out for once but a question is still bugging my mind in fact a lot of questions but I think I have to stick to one for now.

"Why you gave permission to let me out?"

"I thought that it will be a little nice to let you out and in fact I have decided that you can go anywhere now, where you want to go as long as I am with you or William"

To say that I am shocked should be an understatement, I am baffled.

"So, you are...just going to let me out when ever I want?" I said and he gave me one of his best charming smiles, with his full teeth.

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