A Sad Love Story

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I'm not the best at poetry. It's something I use to express my problems and feelings in life.

I hope you enjoy this tale of an overly confused and un-decided girl.

Maybe some of you can relate. Maybe just a bit :)

Anyway I hope you like it!!



All this confusion

building in my heart

is hurting me so much

like a child in the dark.

I love you so much

That Im afraid

It hurts me to say

but this feeling may never fade

I knew I shouldn't mingle

I knew I shouldn't spy

But before I knew it

I was telling lies

At first I didn't see it

It happened too fast

I knew deep in my heart

This wouldn't last

This sad love story

Has a torn apart tale

Heartbreak between two

A girl and a male

This sad love story

is one-sided

About a girl in love

And undecided

This sad love story

consists of confusion and sadness

Her deep thought mind

complete madness

The girl fel in love

With a boy well-rated

Then she found out

They were related

A cousin of some degree

Sorta distant yet close

but out of all her crushes

she loved him the most

Every single day

She thought of her heartache

She missed him so much

How much pain can one take?

She knew this was wrong

The game of give or take

Played with a relative

Everything seemed fake

Did he truely love her?

Real or fake?

She was like helpless Sleeping Beauty

Who needed to awake

But that's the thing about sad love stories

Things don't always go as planned

Time is always running

Like the hourglass with sand

She was still unsure

Had no idea what to do

All she hoped was

that he loved her too.


So what do you think?? Like it?

Please don't be to harsh with comments, but I would highly appreciate advice.

And if you have a problem close to this in anyway and you need someone to talk to feel free to vent out all your feelings on the comment box. Or message me. Which ever you'd prefer.


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