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Xavier held in his sigh when he stepped out of the tent that held his small bride. He knew that he was again harsh with the girl, but he couldn’t seem to rein in his anger at the thought of her trying to escape him. Not only did it cause a weird clenching sensation in his gut but it was also extremely dangerous.

Stupid girl. Didn’t she know that they we’re far away from the tribes and that unfamiliar men were roaming our lands?

Xavier growled to himself as he stalked to where he knew he would find his brother. His question was unnecessary since he knew the answer.

Of course she didn’t.

War was no place for a women. Xavier knew that all to well. But he couldn’t stand the thought of being away from her and if anything, she would have a better chance at escaping him back in his village then she does here.

He couldn’t allow her that chance.

He couldn’t allow her to escape him. She was his.

Wether she liked it or not, she was going to be with him forever.

With that last thought, Xavier quickened his steps when he caught sight of his brother.


“You’re going to scout?” Tristan said incredulously with a raise brow.

Xavier paused a moment, his saddle in his hands, to give his brother an annoyed glare.

“Yes. Why is that such a hard thing to grasp?” Xavier growled as he resumed fitting the saddle on his stallion Killix.

“Because you never scout cousin.”

Tristan and Xavier turned their heads to the right at the new voice, watching  the tall, heavily muscled,  blonde male making his way towards them.

“Usually tis Tristan’s expertise, while yours is the maiming and stabbing.” Tyronian grinned, showing his surprisingly white teeth around his blonde beard.

 Tristan smirked in humor while Xavier scowled at his cousin. Xavier then rolled his eyes as Tyronian continued to grin unfazed by his glare.