How To Save A Life (All)

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**Someone asked me to upload all my finished stories as one so thye're easier to read. I can't uplaod what happens as one though because it's too big lol. I would if i could. But i can't. Hope you liked this story!**

How To Save A Life


"Get away from me!" She screeched, while flailing about. "Don't touch me!"

"Hope! Wake up! Please wake up!"

There were three people holding Hope down so she didn't hurt herself. The nightmares were getting worse. She had at least one every night. Some worse than others, but tonight's was really bad. She thrashed and cried.

"Hope! Please!"

Finally her thrashing stopped. She was awake and she laid in her mom's arms and cried.

Her mother stroked her hair and calmed her down. "Ssshhh." She whispered as her daughter's body shuddered in her arms.

"She's going to be fine. You all can go to sleep now." Hope's mother whispered to her father and sister.

They both gave worried looks then went off to bed.

"Calm down baby. It was only a dream."

"It felt so real." Hope stuttered out through her crying.

"I know, baby. But you're safe now. That will never happen again."

Her sobs got louder and she cried for a long time, until they finally subsided and she fell back asleep. Her mom laid her back down on the bed and tucked her in.

She took one look at her beautiful seventeen year old daughter and wondered why God had let this happen. She was wonderful before the incident. Flowing brunette hair, and bright blue eyes that twinkled. After what happened, she stopped taking care of herself. Her hair lost its luster, her eyes lost the little twinkle, and she was practically dead on the inside. Just doing the minimum to keep herself alive.

She sighed as she shut the door and went back to bed. Something has to be done, she thought to herself. When Hope is at school no one talks to her much anymore. She shut everyone out. She was once the head cheerleader and everyone wanted to hang out with her, but things changed after September twenty fifth. It's been almost nine months. She spent four in and out of the hospital because she was in there for over a month after they found her and then she almost lost the will to live and almost died many times.

They told her not to go back to school, but she insisted. No one is sure why except that she wants to try and make things as normal as possible. That's never going to happen.

As Destiny, Hope's mother, laid in bed that night, she thought of how they can help her.

She thought long and hard until she finally came to a conclusion. She needs to go somewhere. Destiny's parents live in the mountains about three hours away in a really small town. They love Hope to death and were devastated after what happened. They'll do anything to help and Destiny knows it.

They can simply send Hope to live there during the school year. She can go to school and it will be good for her to get away. It's a small, kind town.

Destiny fell asleep that night happy with her decision. She will definitely miss her daughter, but it's not helping her at all staying here, with all the memories.


1. Faith

Hope got out of the car and shielded her eyes from the sun. She sighed. Her mother sent her to live with her grandparents for the school year. She knew that her mom loved her, and she knew she was sometimes hard to handle with all the nightmares and crying, but she really didn't see how sending her away would help, but she went willingly. She didn't want to make things difficult and she knew her mom had a point when she said that her staying would only keep the memories and nightmares coming.

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