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[ third person's pov ]  

lisa watched the clock intently as it ticked, class was about to be over. 

"58....59.....FK YEAH BITChes im out" she grabbed her bag and walked over to chaeyoung, waiting for chaeyoung to pack her bag and go home together with her.  

"ummm lisa do you mind if i leave you alone and walk home with jisoo instead?" chaeyoung blushed and rubbed her neck.     

having known chaeyoung for so long, lisa couldn't help but give chaeyoung an assuring nod. 

"sure chaeng have fun!" lisa winked playfully as she stepped out of the lab.  

"ah fuck it's raining." she mentally cursed as she looked up at the gloomy sky. it reminded her of her life, dark and boring. another flash of lightning struck through the grey clouds, accompanied by a series of shrieks from the group of girls standing to her left.  

a heavy sigh escaped from lisa's pouted lips as she dragged her feet along the corridors and towards her classroom. she wasn't about to go home in this rain and get drenched, so she might as well stay in school to complete some revision to kill time.  

a low, soft thunder crackled in the silence as more black clouds sprawled across the sky.   at the corner of lisa's eye, she could barely make out a tiny figure squatting on the floor. curious, she cocked her head to one side and walked over to the figure gingerly.  

"excuse me... is everything alright over there?" she questioned, her voice soft as compared to the current thunderstorm.  

the girl, shrunk into a corner with her knees to her chest, was shivering so badly that lisa had to fight the urge to pull her into a hug.  

slowly, the girl raised her head up, brushing her unkempt hair away from her face. she was covered in cold sweat.  

it was jennie kim.

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