High school - Chris Motionless

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Neither DDLG or Pet play

I'm at my locker, not really doing anything besides being on my phone with my locker door open, listening to my music to drown out all the loudness in the packed hallway.

No one tries to talk to me, no one bothers me besides the occasional paper ball thrown at my head.

I'm in black ripped skinny jeans, a huge black hoodie that covers my tattooed covered body, and black chained platforms, my black hair is down to my waist, I'm slim and fit with large breast but everyone calls me fat, I'm pale with bright blue eyes  covered in black makeup, I have a nose and lip piercing, my nails are black cat claws and a black collar is on my throat and I'm a short little fucker.

I'm called a freak cause I show no emotions at all, I have a expressionless facade that stays on all day until I lock myself in my room, I have no reaction to anything and it freaks people out.


There's really only one person who talks to me, Chris Cerulli but he likes Chris Motionless. He only comes around when no one else is around, he's popular along with his small group of friends, some call them goth which they look like it.

But the thing they got going for them is that their attractive and are a band, Chris being the lead singer. Girls love guys in bands, it doesn't matter what kind of band, if your in a band, you in them.

When everyone is around, he completely ignores me like I'm dirt on his boot, I'm pretty positive he's only talking to me because of some prank or bet, I can see it.

'Get the freak to show emotions and get an expression from her' depressing right? Right.

As I grab my black messenger bag from my locker someone taps my shoulder, I roll my eyes. I throw my bag on my shoulder as I turn to be face to Chest with none Other; Chris Motionless, I just realize; the halls empty.

I look up seeing his brown eyes covered in black makeup shining with something I'm not familiar with, his lips pierced three times are in a small smile, his eyebrows are perfectly drawn on, his pale face has amazing features. His tall slim, lanky figure is in black skinny jeans, a short sleeve 'Black craft Cult' shirt, black platform boots that are an inch or two high on his feet, his hands, arms and neck showing off tattoos that cover him and his inky black hair to his neck.

I have to admit, he is very attractive.  I stare at him with my usual facade but he just Smiles and takes one of my ear plugs out.

"Hey, Shadow." He greets with his deep voice that makes nearly every girl fall to their knees. Nearly, not me.

"Hi, Chris." My voice quiet but monotonous as I turn back around and shut my locker.

When I turn back around he's closer then before, "I want an honest answer when I ask this" he starts, his smile gone and his eyes now glow with curiosity.

"Why don't you show emotions?"  I'm shocked he wants to know that, but  this is just apart of his game, I'm definitely gonna make him feel guilty for even trying to prank me. But, I'm not gonna Lie, what's the point?

"When I was little, my father beat me, he told me emotions hurt you. They break you, if you let them control you then you'll get hurt. My mother dyed a year earlier, that was when he broke, he claimed his love for her caused him to give up on all emotions. He raised me that way, he beat me everyday until I claimed to give up too."

He now looks shocked and sad, his eyes show sympathy and are wide, and his lips are parted a little.

"Also, if I show that everything these brats say and do to me, get to me, I'll die sooner then I think I should. I take everything, I tolerate it, if I showed it bothered me. I'd break like my father and half of them would be dead." I finish as the final bell for class to start rings, I grab my earplug and put it back in my ear while keeping eye contact with him, I also throw my hood up.

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