my boss' arrogant son

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**************************so this is my new story which i started writing and just thought i would post because i was a bit bored. anyone who read my other story, i'm so sorry i've not uploaded anything in ages, i just got total writers block with it but i prob will get back to it at some point. okay, i really need everyone to tell me what they think about this because im not sure if anyone will really like it lol but i hope you do :)*******************************

Once upon a time I was young and carefree. Once upon a time I had the greatest friends and family in the world. Once upon a time I had dreams and ambitions. Once upon a time I thought I would meet my prince charming....then I learned fairy tales don't exist.

I've gotten old. No longer a teenager, but not quite an adult yet, I feel like the last 3 years have just sped by. The last thing I remember is being 18, young and carefree. Then I blinked and suddenly I'm 21 years old with a shit job and no clue what I want to be. My friends, they've all got their own lives now, they've grown up and moved on but I feel like I'm stuck here, not knowing what to do.

Jenna, she's in her last year at University, and nearly finished now. She always had the brains, was always going to shoot off and leave us all behind. Don't get me wrong she's the least stuck up person I know, working class just like the rest of us and damn proud of it.

Amy, wow Amy's even married with a two year old daughter. She was the lucky one; she found her prince charming at the local bowling alley when she was 15 years old. Not that any of us thought it back then, I mean who meets their future hubbie at the bowling? Living in a three bed roomed semi, she has her life all figured out - knows exactly what she wants.

Leanne, well she has a full time job working for the council and lives with her semi permanent boyfriend in a two bed roomed rented flat. Even though he fucks her about constantly (and he does), she always acts like her life is all sunshine and rainbows; she likes to pretend she's perfect.

Then you get to me, and I'm definitely not perfect. I live in a one bedroom flat in the city centre. Working Monday-Friday 9-5, I basically live for the weekends. I have a string of bad relationships trailing behind me and I have no idea what I want to do with my life. My rent is two months behind and the outstanding bills I ceremoniously hide under the bed are building so high my beds going to topple over soon.

When you're younger no one tells you how much it actually costs to get older.

The rent on my flat is £350 a month, doesn't sound like very much does it. No but that's just the beginning. Then you have Council Tax, Heating, Electricity, Cable and internet, Mobile Contract, oh yeah and food; they all get added on the end.

So basically the money is gone before it even sits in my bank for 24hours. I live in my overdraft, but I still feel like I need to go out every weekend.

It's either that or sitting in on my own with a Chinese takeaway watching Eastenders; who wants to do that?

When you're younger, you always get asked 'what do you want to be when you grow up?'

I think mine went in this order:

Age 6 - Marine Biologist (I didn't really know what it was but I was obsessed with dolphins).

Age 8 - Popstar (Me and my friends would jump around my room screaming at the top of our lungs with my mums make-up smeared across our faces).

Age 11 -Actress (it just seemed like so much fun, until you got stalked by the paparazzi and your whole life thrown on display)

Age 13 - Rich (no job just filthy rich so I could go shopping everyday and get away from my parents)

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