Tech Boy - Chris Motionless

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DDLB/ Petplay depending on your view

Chris's POV -

Our new Tech boy is handsome, he basically is the perfect twink.

We met him at the beginning of The Graveyard Shift Tour which was a good month and a half ago, and through that whole time, me and Ghost have been debating if he's a submissive or not. Or if he's even into BDSM or whatever the fuck Ghost is into, I honestly don't even know.

I'm into BDSM, It's perfect for me, I love the name Master and I can control someone as much as I want; to a certain extent of course. The things he wears and sometimes how he acts around us points to Submissive. He'd wear collars, thigh high socks with shorts and a huge hoodie; it's adorable.

He even has a hoodie with ears on the hood and he would keep his hood up so he could mess with the ears, he's like a little pet and it's painfully cute and adorable. And he can never look any of us in the eye, he shifts if we stare at him for too long and his voice is almost always quiet and small when he's talking. He's intimidated by us.

I had to keep myself under control when I was alone with him, he's too irresistible. But the only problem with him; he's always in his phone. I've never seen a moment besides when he's doing his job that he's not on his phone, just strolling and occasionally, cutely giggling to himself. It bothers me greatly.

Right now, I'm walking into the bus in what I preformed in, black wet looking leather pants with a long sleeve black shirt and my platforms on, my makeup still on and my hair a little wet with sweat since I just came off the stage. I wanted a shower before the guys ruined my chance, their supposed to run to Walmart for a few things we need.

I close the bus door behind me before turning to walk into the main lounge only to suddenly stop seeing our Tech Boy, Rain sitting on the floor with his knees to his chest leaning against the right couch in the bus.

Only in black The Nightmare Before Christmas black thigh high socks, black yoga shorts and his black large hoodie with the ears on the hood. Why yoga shorts? Why my weakness?

His pale small tattoo figure is hidden but his tattooed thighs are exposed, his short dyed white hair is covered by his hood, a black small collar is around his small pale throat and his plump lips have a black vertical labret hoop piercing in his bottom lip, his blue eyes have no makeup on them and are glued to his phone screen.

He has his left hand covered by his sleeve and is covering his mouth but I can still see him chewing on his bottom lip, his eyes quickly scanning whatever he's looking at.

It annoys me how he didn't even notice someone came in, if I was in control of him; his Master. He would be in deep shit for ignoring everything and having his eyes permanently glued to that fucking screen.

He strolls with his thumb then his eyes go wide a little and an adorable yet pathetic whimper leaves him, what is he reading or looking at?

"Something wrong?" I ask watching amusedly when he jumps with a small surprised squeak, his phone flying out of his Hand to land next to him, his left hand clapping over his mouth as if he was going to say or make another noise and his eyes snap up at me but they quickly move to my chest.

"Nothing..." he quietly answers pressing his thighs together a little, if I didn't know better I would guess he was reading something dirty.

I'm going to find out, I don't care if it takes the whole night, I will find put what the fuck he's reading. After my shower.

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