ch 3

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Aquamarine's POV

I pulled into the lot and parked killing the engine and I woke Happy and Remington up. We got out and the guys hugged me saying it was quiet with out me here.  I made dinner in the kitchen and started to sing.  I felt arms wrap around my waist and I looked down to see Remington.  I smiled at my little man and kissed his head.  After cooking I called for the guys. Remington helped put the food out and we made our plates and sat down.  The guys made plates and Happy,  Chibs and Jax sat with us.  We talked and I asked how Cameron was doing. 

"He's okay.  Moms up at the cabin now." Jax said and I nodded. 

"I'll probably head up to see her.  I haven't been to the cabin in years.  It will do me some good to see it." I said and Jax smiled. 

"Some of your moms stuff is there." He said and gave me a small smile. 

"The pack rat she is." I said and he laughed. 

"She'd be proud of you.  She loved the club more than any of the old lady's." I heard Bobby and I looked up and smiled. 

"Yeah." I muttered and I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked up to see Clay. 

"Princess she would be so happy to see you had come home. Have you gone to visit her?" He asked and I shook my head. 

"Every time I try I think about what happened." I said and he rubbed my shoulder's

"You know she had no choice." Tig said and I nodded. 

"I know it was life and death situation but she's been there for 10 years now. She was supposed to get out 5 years ago." I grumbled and they chuckled.

"It's not funny!  My mom is another Uncle Otto!" I whined and they chuckled again. 

"You guys are rude." Remmy scolded and climbed into my lap. 

"See at least he likes me!" I said and they all gave me kisses on the cheek making me giggle.  Tig on the other hand licked my cheek and I punched him in the nuts. 

"Should have seen that coming." He grunted and the guys laughed as I wiped my face off. 

1 month later. 

I walked into the female prison and got searched and went to the visiting area.  The first time I've been to see my mom.  My dad went and saw her last month and gave her my number. We've talked a lot.  I sat down and I saw my mother walk in.  I stood up and looked at the guard and he nodded letting me hug my mom. 

"I've missed you so much baby girl." She said pulling away and lifted my chin up. 

"Oh baby what happened?" She asked as we sat down. 

"Got into a fight with some junkie whore.  She had fake nails on but I knocked the bitch out." I said and she giggled. 

"Your dad tells me you've been hanging out with Lowman and his kid." She said and I smiled at the mention of Happy and Remington.

"They.  I don't have the words. Happy he's this gentle man when it just the two of us and Remington.  I treat him like my own.  He's just this bubbly kid and I adore him mom." I said and she smiled. 

"What do you feel when your with Happy?" She asked holding my hands. 

"Safe,  protected,  wanted and he makes me feel alive mom.  Jim never made me feel like that.  He made me feel unwanted,  scared and unsafe. But with Hap it's way different.  My heart skips beats every time he smiles at me." I said and she smiled. 

"You love him. That's how me and your dad were til you were 13.  We fell out of love." She said and I smiled.  I always loved hers and dads love stories. We talked more than I left.  I pulled up to a street light and looked behind me and saw a black van.  The light turned green and I called Happy. 

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