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"Stop touching me" I mumbled pushing away whoever was touching me while I was trying to sleep.

"Getcho ass up" I heard youngboy sexy ass voice.

I jumped up fast "the fuck you doing here" I asked him yawning and stretching.

"Everybody came over earlier and you need to go brush your teeth" he shrugged.

I mugged him walking into the bathroom brushing my teeth and putting my morning face mask on.

"Aye NeeNee Somebody Calling you It Say AJ" KD Yelled.

I walked out of the bathroom and in my room grabbing my phone.

"What AJ" I rolled my eyes this nigga is aggravating we broke up like so Monday moths ago.

"I miss you ca-

I hung up in his face.

A real nigga stomach was hurting so I walked into the kitchen and started making me some bacon.

I shook my head taking the bacon off of the stove and putting it on the paper plate.

"Lemme Get Some" youngboy Tried to grab a piece.

I slapped his hand.

"No" I said and started crunching on my bacon and chewing it extra hard.

"Say KD you got the smoke" Ben loud ass Yelled.


"ROLL UP!" He yelled and I shook my head.

"I got it on my miiiiind yea whole lotta bullets flyiiing yea" I sung.

"Aww look at NeeNee Supporting her man" Shamiyah laughed with Boomer.

I pushed her and started blushing.

Youngboy nodded his head smiling. " all my niggas slinging 9's yea on my momma I ain't lying yea" he sung putting his arm around me.

"Awww yall Cute Or whateva" Boomer Gay ass said looking at us.

"Ew No" I said jumping up and moving over.

Youngboy Just laughed at me with everybody else.

"What's funny" I mugged them.

"Nothing" they all said at once.

"Okayyy" I got up and walking in my room.

I took off that onesie cuz it was too hot.

I put on my black dressy bra and put on some ripped up jeans.

"I'm fine as fuck man" I mumbled snapping a picture.

"I'm fine as fuck man" I mumbled snapping a picture

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