Who does the Puppy want? - Mike Kuza/Chris

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Kuza's POV -

Me and Chris are into a lot of kinks. Bdsm, DD lg/b, and petplay. We're both Daddy Dom's but we don't have little girls or boys, and no little pets, well, not technology anyway.

A few months ago when we where going to my house to hang out and play video games, we found a small adorable puppy walking by himself on the sidewalk with a book bag and a sad face.

He was wearing adorable black thigh high socks with little cartoon bats on them and they went up to his upper thighs, black shorts with a tank top and black worn out converse.

He also had a fluffy black wolf tail on his jeans and black wolf ears on his head. He's beautiful with black short hair, bright blue eyes, kissable lips with a vertical labret piercing in his bottom lip, he's pale with tattoos covering his arms and hands, his figure is like mine except he's much shorter.

We had stopped Chris's Car and get his attention, once we assured him we weren't going to hurt him he told us why he was sad and walking by himself in the cold. He said that his owner threw him out, yelled at him and said he didn't want him anymore, he also said his name was Hunter. His voice was so soft and pretty but his tone was sad and hurt, it broke our hearts because he seemed so good.

We gained his trust a little and he allowed us to take him in, he stays with me for two days then with Chris for two days but one day of the week we all stay at either mine or Chris's house and spend the day together. He doesn't call us Daddy, he calls us Sir, I'm Sir Mike and Chris is Sir Chris; obviously.

Me and Chris have been trying to get him to like one of us more then the other, so one of us could be his Daddy. We do punish him just not sexually, we don't yell or argue with him in the room, we do get stuff we know he wants or things we think he might like.

He has new toys, new clothes, new tails and ears, his own room at each of our houses, he even has pacis and bottles. We both love him to death, we had him for about six months now and So far, we don't know who's winning him over.

We both want to get him something we know he'll love; A Collar. But we can't, not yet.

Today is My last day with him before we spend tomorrow with Chris at my house so I plan on just relaxing with him since we went to the zoo yesterday, surprisingly he's never been to the Zoo Before and I can positively say that he absolutely loved it.

Right now, he's in her room playing with some new stuffies me and Chris got him, I'm downstairs in the living room picking out some of his favorite Disney Movies; Moana, Bambi, The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, Lady and The Tramp,  Zootopia, Frankenweenie, Brave and Mulan. To name a few.

When I have the stack of movies, I'll be watching all day with him, I set them on the table in front of the TV and couch.

I also grabbed some of his favorite snacks;  Muddie Buddies, dino nuggets, A small bowl of Mac and cheese and goldfish, along with Apple juice in his favorite Halloween decorated bottle.

With a content sigh of what I've done, I turn and walk up the stair that connect to the room. His room is across from mine, I plan to make it into his playroom if he picks me to be her Daddy, which I hope to whoever's listening that he does.

When I get to the room the door is open as usual, I don't like when it's closed cause I can't see what he's doing, I lean on the door way seeing him casually on the floor playing with a little black ball I got him.

He's in white and black stripe thigh high socks, a white and black Shorts that stops at his thighs and a black crop top saying 'Goth Prince' on it. His piercing is white today and his tail and ears are also white with black spots on them. He's so adorable and beautiful it hurts.

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