It's Her - Andy Biersack

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Neither DDLG or petplay

Andy's POV -

I'm on Warped Tour for Andy Black without Juliet which is sad I was looking forward to traveling again with her, it won't be the same without her.

Especially when I'm supposed to play 'When we were young' on this tour as part of my set but my manager assured me that he's got another singer to join me or it.

He wouldn't tell me who, he just said that I would be pleased with her voice and the fans would love her, he also said she was on after me so to fit her schedule a little more he moved the song to the end of my set. 

He wouldn't even let me hear one of her songs which confused and frustrated me greatly but I let it go. Ashley and Jinxx joined me on this tour also but thing is, they've been whispering and being secretive like the know something I don't. Again, I shrugged it off thinking its all in my head, their my bothers, they would tell me anything.

Right now, I'm finishing my last song before the cover song, in my black skinny jeans ripped at my knees and my black vest, shirtless with boots on.

Ashley and Jinxx are watching side stage like my manager but what caught my attention for a second was a girl with black hair with them, their keeping her turned around so her back is to me and I see her shake her head as if she's annoyed.

It's not long until the song is finished and I'm telling the crowd that a guest will be joining me and what song we'll play. We start playing but the girl doesn't come out until I pause where Juliet would've sung, the voice I hear and the person I see walking on stage isn't who I expected to see again.

Her small figure is complimented by black shorts, black thigh high tights with platform boots, a black 'Satan is  my Daddy' crop top. Her tattooed arms, hands, fingers and thighs are in view and her body looks even more stunning, her thighs are amazing, her breast are the perfect size like her ass. Her long black hair is to her waist, her blue eyes have black makeup on them and her kissable soft lips are in black lipstick with a bright red vertical labret hoop in her bottom lip, her nose has red right nostril and septum piercings in it and her skin is pale and looks smooth and soft like it was years ago.

She's still beautiful and I feel my chest tighten from the memories that are flooding my head. 

Her name is Alex, she's my ex girlfriend that did absolutely nothing bad to me but I broke up with her. An image of her crying and begging me to stay with her pops in my head and I feel pain flood me, I broke her heart for no reason besides the one I gave her, that I didn't love her anymore.

It was a lie and I regretted my decision everyday after and years after until I met Juliet, she was the best girlfriend, she made sure I was always happy and stress free. She always supported me in every way possible, of course she still had her own opinions and we had arguments like every couple but I can honestly say it was my best relationship.

Her voice is as beautiful as her and she's nailing Juliet's part but she's staying away from me and won't look my way. I don't blame her, I know she had trust issues before we met, I probably made them worse.

I can't help that I'm watching her, the fans are loving her and I know Ashley and Jinxx have something to with her joining me, why? I have no idea. I know the guys really liked her, saying she was the best girlfriend I had, I know that Includes Juliet too.

When the song is over she finally looks at me but with a small fake smile. "Thanks for letting me join, congrats on this album, it's amazing." Is all she says before waviw to the crowd and walking off the stage, dodging Ashley and Jinxx who try to stop her from leaving.

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