Finding Her - Chris Motionless

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Neither DDLG or petplay

--It's fast pace, so bear with me.--

Chris's POV -

I'm in the pack house watching over everything seeing as I'm the Alpha and the whole pack is having a small party with another Pack called The Midnight Pack. In my opinion that's a poorly chosen name.

I'm not in anything special because this is a causal visit only to get both packs acquainted with each other because The Midnight Pack are new  and claimed the territory next to ours. So I'm only in black jeans, a black gray button up shirt with the sleeves ripped off with a black beanie on and my boots, my makeup is on especially my eyebrows.

I've already met The Midnight Pack's Alpha, his name is Austin  Carlile, he's tall like me, lean and skinny with brown eyes and  tattoos on his arms like me.

Anyway, as I'm walking down the hall from the kitchen to the back door planning on seeing how things are outside and make sure no pups are in the deep end of the large pool. But I'm abruptly stopped when I feel electricity spread through my body starting at my chest  when someone dumps into me, my wolf immediately yells 'Mate' in my head before I even get to look down and I get a wonderful scent of fresh rain.

I look down seeing a beautiful girl few years younger then me standing in front of me. She has long black hair to her waist, pale skin with tattoos on her arms and hands, black makeup on her bright eyes, a black vertical labret hoop in her kissable lips and a right nostril and septum nose piercings. Her small figure is in a large black and red ribcage T shirt that covers her black shorts, black thigh high tights with black boots. Her nails are long black cat claws with bats and cobwebs painted on them and I can see thigh tattoos on her thighs.

I can't help but smirk knowing this beautiful girl is mine now, I want to touch her again and hold her but I also want to know her name.

"Sorry, I wasn't paying attention." Her voice is quiet and small telling me she's intimated by me, also the way she shifts, she plays with her fingers and avoids my intense gaze.

She's being very cute, like a shy little Puppy, I wouldn't hurt her for the world, I already love her because my wolf does.

"It's Fine. What's your name?" I ask seeing Austin coming our way, before she can answer me he's already next to her with his arm over her shoulders, I hold a growl not liking another male touching what's mine.

If I start something with him, we'll end up having a war right here and it won't end good, We could easily destroy them.

"There you are, I was looking for you. Actually all the guys are." He looks down at her since she's short only to our chest, he has a smile on his face and his eyes are soft. What guys want my Mate? And why? I really don't like the sound of that.

She just apologizes to him before his attention turns to me, his Alpha demeanor returns thinking he has to be uptight around me.

"I see you met their Alpha, sorry to cut your meeting short but I need to take my Beta back." Before either of us can say anything he picks her up by her thighs making her let out a surprise noise and me hold another growl, this guy is pushing me over the edge, she is mine. Only I can touch her.

He turns and walks out the back door with me following but I let him take my mate to the other side of the pool where four other guys are waiting, I watch every move all of them make as I stop next to my Beta's.

I don't notice my arms are now crossed tightly over my chest and my eyes are as hard as they possibly can until Ricky, my main Beta speaks up.

"Chris. What's wrong? You look very angry and it's putting us on edge." I force my eyes to move from the group of guys that are surrounding my Mate to my short friend seeing his blue eyes staring at me with worry, he knows when I'm angry I usually  do something I may or may not regret. 

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