Chapter 6: Goodbye, Sentinal

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Log #9: Biology

From the information we have gathered, as well as the experience on the field, it has been determined that the least lethal consistently aggressive creature is the Silverwolf. Sleek, swift creatures, they often pose a threat only if caught unprepared or unarmed. They appear to display minor intelligence, but it only extends to its reflexes and stalking ability, and not to any form of communication, restraint, or morality whatsoever. It does have patience unparalleled to any other creature, as well as the greatest reflexes and speed. Even if it isn't the most threatening creature out there, it is always unnerving to have a pack of them stalking you, waiting hours on end if needed to secure their prey.

-General Shura Averin

0499 BPE

"You're new, aren't you?"

Alison and I were both sitting in adjacent hospital beds in Sentinal Academy's Medical Treatment Center, the MTC. Nurse Callie had just finished evaluating our injuries, where we had proceeded to sit quietly on our beds. Apparently we had been out for about an hour, but our physical and mental conditions was stable. Finally my boredom had gotten the better of me, so I attempted to start a conversation with something that had been on my mind.

"Eight months," she began slowly, "eight months I have attended this Academy."

"But you are a Junior?"

"Yeah." She looked in her lap.



"Okay, but, uh, where did you come from? I mean, what school did you go to before this? Not just anyone can wield a baton like that."

This time she looked up at me, and cast a smile that made my heart jump. "Let's just keep that a secret for now, 'k? And thank you, I had a great instructor."

Right then, Nurse Callie returned. "How are you two feeling right now? Any headaches, pains, nausea, numbness, or whatnot?"

I glanced at Alison, and she nodded. "No, I think we're all good, thank you."

"That's good to hear; your instructor is requesting everyone who can move themselves return to their classroom. Are you two alright to head back?"

This time Alison cut in. "Yeah, we're fine, right?"

I nodded in agreement. After a few more questions, she released us, and we began our journey back to our classes. Alison had a different instructor than mine, so we would part ways again once we reached the end of the main hallway.

"Hey, what about you, Kazuki? How long have you been at Sentinal?"

I stuttered for a second, then thrust my hands into my pockets, looking at the paintings on the walls. "Hm... 'Bout two years, eight months or so? Basically long as possible for a Junior. My sister just got promoted to Sentinal this school year, so it's also my job to show her around and help her with whatever she needs in and out of school."

Alison looked at me with wide eyes. "You have a sister? That's sweet, how old is she?"

"W-Well, she's almost fifteen. Hey, how old are you?"

She paused a moment, considering my question, then grinned. "Sizing me up already, are you?" She ignored my immediate complaint, and continued, "Very well; I'm seventeen, how about you?"

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