Chapter 1

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16 year old -Niall-

January 2009

"Niall wake up!"  he heard his mother yell from downstairs. He groaned, Burying his head deeper into his soft pillow. He then rolled on his back and open his eyes and rub his eyes to adjust to the light.

"Why did my parents decided to move" He sighed, He swung his legs out the bed and headed towards the bathroom.

Niall finished taking his shower and got dressed with his 'Hype Burgundy Reglan Tee' his 'Saint Laurent contrast varsity jacket' and his 'Khaki trousers' and his Nike's. While Checking himself out in the mirror, he went downstairs. Today was his first day as a sophomore in Bradford High School even though school started like 4 months ago. 

"Mom!" Niall said while looking around for his mom.

"Yes Niall, I'm in the kitchen!" His mom yelled from the kitchen and watched Niall enter with a sad expression, " What's the matter, Are ye sick?"

"No ma is not that I'm sick, it's that I hate going to a new school. What happens if I don't make friends? or even worse, they hate me." Niall said whilst grabbing a scone from the kitchen counter.

"Shush Niall, yer handsome, friendly, and who can resist this cute face and nobody can hate you." His mother gushed whilst pinching his cheeks and smiled at her youngest son. Greg is the oldest of the Horan family, but he is married and stayed in Ireland with his wife.

''Okay mum stop pinching my cheeks, hahaha. I need to go, don't want to be tardy for my first day in school. Bye mum!." Niall said whilst grabbing his book-back that was in the living room and heading to the door.

"Let's hope it goes well" Niall whispered

Niall went outside and got in his BMW 525i. While arriving, he parked his car in the parking lot and headed towards the entrance of the school. Niall knows that whilst being the new bloke, is that high school is no joke. Some people may be nice, and another might want to eat you like you're a prey. So he tries his best to not get in people's way.

Niall's POV

While Walking towards the school, I have noticed four blokes starting at me wide eye and they look like they want to eat me. What the actual fuck? Well, I stopped staring and went inside the school and went to the office to gather my schedule and locker number

"Thank you," I said to the front desk lady at the office and headed my way to find my locker. "Here it is" I whispered to myself.

I opened my locker and put all my stuff in the locker and checked my schedule.

I knit my brows together. Now where is 250? hmm. I felt someone poke me from the back. I turned to face the person who poked me and It was some guy with curly hair and was grinning like the Cheshire cat.

"Your new here?"

I nodded

"Let me see your schedule" He said while smiling like a fool and giving me a wink. 

"Huh? Oh yeah, here" I handed it to him and while he scammed through it, he was smirking, what the hell is wrong with this bloke.

"Um, excuse me," I said, trying to get him out from his trance

"Oh yeah, here, You have everything with me and you have lunch with me and my 3 other friends'' He said, "I'm Harry styles, By the way. What's your name love," he winked at me ugh

"Not interested" I whisper hopefully he didn't hear me oops.

"I'm Niall, Niall Horan" I said, giving him a fake smile, "Not trying to be rude, but can you show me to class, because I don't want to be tardy." I said, attempting to sound polite

"Oh sure Let's go" He smiled

Harry POV

So my I mean our mate is not interested in me, we would see about that. The others and I saw him when he entered the school and let me tell you we were surprised to finally find him and to say he's attractive is an understatement. I smirked while guiding him to our class. I can't wait to show him to the others. Oh My Niall you have no Idea what you got yourself into.

So What you guys think? Bad , so and so, or good. 

His class schedule is this if anyone was wondering 

Niall's class schedule

1st period - Art - Mrs.Smith

2nd period- Biology- Mrs. Walker

3rd period- Algebra- Mr. Evans

4th Period- History - Mr. Phillips

 Lunch time 

6th period- P.E- Mr. Thompson

7th period- Music- Ms. Wood

8th Period- English- Mr. Efron 

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