Chapter Thirty Two: A Time for Healing

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Fives needed time. He had been severely damaged by what had happened and Melia feared that this change wasn't helping him like it needed too. She just wanted to help him. The woman sighed a little bit and relaxed back on the couch. Beside her, Fives made a mumbling sound and pressed against her. The clone liked to snuggle. He had closed his eyes after a few minutes of cuddling. Melia liked that. Echo pressed beside her, his eyes closed, too. These clones liked to cuddle, it seemed. They were all out of it. She would just cuddle close to them and try to keep them warm.

Ahsoka walked into the common room and glanced over. "Ahh, yes. You know he loves to cuddle, right?"

"I think I figured that out." Melia gave a half smile, though, and stroked Fives' hair. It wasn't uncommon for a smuggler woman like herself to have more than one lover, but she wasn't sure about how to do this. Fives made a huffing sound and pressed his face into her shoulder. "They're heavy, though!"

"Genetically engineered to be faster and stronger also means dense." Ahsoka settled against the counter and stirred a cup of caff. Melia didn't fault her for that. "Rex does the exact same thing."

Melia nodded. She was probably stuck here, under the two clones. If she wanted too, she could have gotten up. But what was the point in that? These clones loved her and trusted her enough to want to cuddle. She didn't need to kick them away from her. That was what had happened to them before. But this was here and now, this was what these clones had that made them free. Clones loved to be cuddled. They would sleep wherever and just curl up. If they were warm and slept, they felt safe.

That was an honor, that the clones would feel safe enough to go to sleep on her.

"I love them," Melia softly said. She loved them. Drake, his kittens, Fives, Echo, Rex, Dogma, and Slick. Her boys. The ones that she loved. They were a little family now and she had no idea how clones could be seen as not human. The two men pressed into her were human. They had all suffered so much that they deserved to be pressed into her and sleep. Melia sighed a little bit. Ahsoka just chuckled and shook her head. She had to love the clones.

"I do, too," Ahsoka murmured. She grinned to Melia. It seemed like the Togruta was trying to tell her something, but Melia didn't see it. All she saw were the two clones in her lap and the way they trusted her. It... she had no words to explain what she felt. Those clones had been abused in life. And now they trusted her. They wanted to be around her and didn't seem to mind that she was different.

Was there truly any higher honor than to have someone trust you so completely? Melia didn't think there was.

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