Chapter 24 I'm not crazy

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 My eyes shot open I quickly looked around not again I seem to have a habit of walking up in hospitals I roll my eyes at the thought and slowly rise I'm in a bed and when I looked around the room it seems like the same room I was in at school because I had frost bites.

 I slowly find my way out of bed my legs were a little shaky at first and my head hurts like crazy when I brush a few hairs from my eyes I looked at my hands their glowing I still had the tattoo they never stayed for this long I looked down to see me self wearing again a hospital uniform.

 "Nice to see your feeling well" that voice I quickly looked behind me to find Brain sitting across the room from me sitting on a chair near a table of food and drinks.

 "You" I said walking up to him "You did this to me your the reason those guys where after me!" I yelled.

 "Well good morning" Morning? 

 "What?" I said looking confuse I looked around to see a clock on the wall 8:50 "How long was I out?" I asked.

 "Hours really, just a day" what! "But I must say I'm surprise how you handle it most people don't find out about their powers let  alone know how to use them until they come here but what's really amazing is how quickly you recovered from it" he pushed the plate of food towards me.

 "What are you talking about?" I asked.

 "Eat first questions later" I back away.

 "No the last time I did things your way I almost got killed" 

 "And now your here safe so eat" he picked up a sandwich and hand it towards me.

 "How do I know I'm safe you keep saying  things but never finish" he smiled then then put the sandwich back on the plate.

 "Look your at a school called La libertà della scuola di alta your safe this is home" he looked up at me.


 "Yes for people like you and me"

 "I'm nothing like you" I said backing away again.

 "Oh really explain that mark" I looked down at my hands.

 "This thing showed but the moment you kissed me" I yelled, I don't why but for some reason I felt warm.

 "Yeah it dose that some times when you have a powerful connection with some one"

 "Well something must be worng because I feel nonthing for you and that the hell is this I don't remember getting a tattoo"

 "That is a tattoo you idiot it's a mark your born with it symbolize who you are and what power you hold" he yelled getting up from his seat I jumped at the sound of his voice"Some times I forget you new students don't know any thing" I took a deep breath.

 "What the hell are you talking about!" I yelled.

 "If you want answers come with me" I turned around to a woman with long black hair she was very tall and was wearing a black suite with black heels.

 "And you are?" I asked.

 "The answers to your questions" she said in a Italian accent.

 "If I go with you and get the answers I need you'll take me home"

 "Demanding I see where did you find this one?" she asked putting her hands on her hips.

 "You don't want to know" said Brain shaking his head I glared at him.

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