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After a long day of school I sigh in relief as I park my car in the driveway, grabbing my bag from the passenger seat I walk up to the porch. I groan as I hear my parents arguing for the fifth time this week, I haven't even gotten inside yet and I can hear them very clearly, poor neighbours."We can't continue to hide everything from our daughter!" My dad yelled. I thought this was a good time to barge in as I'm curious to know what they are hiding from me.

I quickly open the door walking down the hallway to see my parents currently sat at the dining table, my dad's face appearing to be red, his eyebrows being scrunched up from anger. My mother stood there looking somewhat relaxed but avoided my gaze, father turned to look at me and his face seems to soften from guilt.

I cross my arms and try to read their expressions, "What are you hiding from me?" Their heads look down at the table whilst mother is still avoiding my gaze. I'm looking into their souls like I can find an answer but it doesn't work. "Mum? Dad?" I mumble the end to myself as I'm trying not to cry.

"Darling." Mother says, finally walking over to me and catching my gaze, rubbing my arm in comfort but it doesn't help. "Just tell me" I impatiently wait.

"Just tell her for fucks sake!" My father suddenly yells slamming his fists on the table, making me jump. "It's not that easy!" She yells back.

"Well it's your fault ain't it?" He spat, he gets up from the table and comes closer to me. "Hunny we are having a divorce" He continued, he looked down. Being so close to him I noticed fairly new grey hairs and black under his eyes, that's when I realised he was run down.

The word 'divorce' kept replaying in my mind, this means we'll have a broken family. I'll have to only see one at a time, no more family lunches, no more movie nights, no more us.

"What happened?" I sniffed, wiping my eyes with my finger.

"Your mother" He pauses taking in a deep breath. "She cheated" His face went red, making me gasp in shock. Why ruin your family, over one stupid affair.. I thought we were doing fine.

"No I can't do this" I shake my head and quickly walk away from them, "Lily!" They yell. I walk up the stairs slamming my door shut practically jumping at my bed, face planting into the pillow groaning. I finally turning around to stare at the ceiling, mother eventually calls me for dinner but I ignore them, they start arguing again and I groan placing my pillow over my head. The noise of glass breaking makes me jump, I run out of my room and down the stairs seeing my father slap my mother. "Stop what are you doing!" I screamed and grabbed my father's arm trying to pull him away from mother, till he turned to me with anger in his eyes.

This is not my father, what happened to him? The look in his eyes looks like someone else. I got cut out of my thoughts when I felt a big sting in my cheek and was pushed to the floor, I placed my hand over my cheek and looked up at him with teary eyes. He finally realised what he did and had a look of regret.

My mother screamed for him to get out of the house and to not come home, he nodded. I ran back up the stairs hearing my name being called by mother I once again ignore it and go into my room, making my way to the bathroom and gasp at the sight of the red cheek even having a hand mark planted on it. I sigh and go in the shower turning the tap on, scrubbing my body with lotion and washing my hair. Shower is a usually stress free environment but I all seem to have is thoughts and bad ones, I know after today it won't be the same anymore.

I get changed in a long t shirt which is what I wear for pjamas and I crawl in bed, it was still really early but I didn't care sleeping always helps. After a few toss and turns trying to find a good position I finally fell asleep.

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