Interrogations. Part 27

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Fai's POV...

I was trying hard not to laugh at the look on Jarryd's face as Gamma was standing over the young man and interrogating him about who he was? Where does he live? What kind of employment does he have? What kind of future prospects does he look forward to having in the future? What are his aspirations where Olliandriah was concerned? Does he love her grand-daughter? Have they already had sex?

" Gamma. That is personal and none of your business." Ollie yelled out as she jumped to her feet and snapped at her grandmother with a scowl on her face.

" It is so my business young lady. I will not have any young man getting the milk for free when everyone else has to pay for it." Gamma growled out which I had to say absolutely confused me. I had no idea what the hell Gamma was going on about when she mentioned getting free milk.

" What's the free milk Gamma is talking about Poppa? I don't understand." Gavin said as he sat on the arm of the chair his grandfather was relaxing in as he sat there with one ankle up and crossed over his knee.

He could easily have passed for a much younger man with how physically agile the old man still was. I guess that must be country living at work that helps them stay and look physically younger than they actually are.

" I'll explain later, my lad." Poppa whispered in a loud tone of voice out the side of his mouth to Gavin who just relaxed back on the armrest and leant on his elbow with one of his legs curled under the other one.

I wasn't surprised that the two were sitting close together, they were always spending time with each other whenever they could when they were both in the same place at the same time. They have a very special relationship with each other unlike any other I have seen with any of the other grandchildren that Gamma and Poppa have.

" Excuse me. I'm asking the questions here if you don't mind." Gamma said and I was distracted when Rem slowly got to his feet and turned to face Gamma.

" I think you have asked enough. Leave the youngens alone. We all know they love each other and have done so for some time. I have recently been informed that as soon as Fai is much better, the two kids will be getting married. " Rem stated with one of those glares he used to give me. Or give to one of the emplyees when they stuffed up somewhat.

Then he started speaking again after he held up his hand to halt everyone else from jumping in and saying something. Which they all looked like they wanted to do.

" And as for future prospects, my son will be inheriting my business when I retire. He already handles fifty percent of it anyway and he also handles our foreign contracts and does so very well. I don't have any doubts about my son or the fact that he will be looking after Andy, Olliandriah, probably better than he looks after his great-grandmother. So, I think you have asked enough questions, Mrs Tarin, that I really think aren't any of your business, Mam." He said as he stood there watching all sorts of emotions come across Gamma's face.

Shock, confusion, guilt, a little fear and the most obvious one was anger. The red hot volcanic kind that explodes. They were all easily seen to flit across Gamma's face as she stood there looking up at Rem in shock with her hands on her slim hips.

Then Rem was looking at my grandfather and started frowning when Poppa cleared his throat and unfurled himself and slowly climbed to his feet and took a few steps forward. He spoke a moment or two after he cleared his throat a couple of times as he too stood there with his hands on his hips like his little wife.

" If you will excuse me, I do believe it is my turn to go fill the kettle up and make a cuppa tea. So, if you will excuse me. gavin, I do believe that i will be needing your healp, son." Poppa said in a really fast voice as he was quick to edge his way across the room between everyone and race off down the hall towards the kitchen.

Only the kitchen was in the opposite direction. Poppa just wanted to get out of there. Everyone was just watching the space where Poppa and Gavin had just been standing only moments before.

Mum started snickering as she tried her hardest not to laugh just then. Dad was standing behind her trying not to show anything by the look of his face. He kept his face blank just then. But those of us who knew him knew that he was trying really hard ot to do or say anything which would bring Gamma's attention to him. She can rant like a madwoman when she gets on her horse and rides off in a tangent.

" Gamma. I know you love us. I really do. But Jarryd is the one I claimed the moment I saw him. It was like you described the feeling you got when you saw Poppa for the first time. I fell instantly in love with him." Ollie said as she crossed to her Gamma and leant down and gave her a kiss on the cheek which smoothed out all thsoe conflicting emotions that had been running over her face.

" But.." Gamma started to say before she was rudely interruped by Poppa yelling out from the lounge and not the kitchen.

" Your grandmother fell instantly in love with the house, thank you very much. I was just a bonus she said to me later after we were married." He yelled through the house which told us that he wasn't really that far away from us all.

I couldn't help but giggle at hearing that.

" Have you got that kettle on yet?" I yelled out to Poppa who started cursing and muttering about being in the wrong room.

Then we all watched as he tried to sneak past the room we were all in on his way through the arch to the kicthen which was clearly seen from this part of the house across the dining room.

Poppa does make us laugh sometimes.

But what Ollie and Poppa said diffused the whole situation and stopped the interrogations from continuing as they had been from Gamma. For Rem and Jarryd to experience this from someone they have never met will be an experience they will never forget. Plus, it was one way that Gamma sort of welcomed anyone into our family. She sort of has a way of getting information out of you when she wants it.

You just can't help but respond to her when she starts. But once it's over with, she makes you feel like you have always been a part of the family.

So, that was how Rem and Jarryd got to meet our Tarin grandparents. It was also how we found out that Ollie and Jarryd were going to get married. I was feeling a little exciting over that. I would imagine that Gamma will demand that the wedding be held up at the Run, as we called the large family farm. But what really set everyone off was what Gavin had to ask.

" Can someone please explain what the free milk is?" He asked in a frustrated tone of voce which all of a sudden had everyone laughing.

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