When you find out author makes a new book

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Psst ~ You can't kill me for writing that title. I've posted like 2 scenarios in the last 2 hours so be proud. Not many of you bother to read author's notes (I do because I'm lame).

Anyways, I've created a book and its called '10 Stages of Love (Assassination Classroom)' if you have any problems PM. I've checked and nobody has made an assassination classroom version so no copyright.

This comes from a challenge I found while I was 'surfing' the web. I want to try and stay true to the series and the scenarios will go on as usual. I'm very excited and I'll start posting on Saturday or earlier.

Here what the book looks like:

Here what the book looks like:

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Here is the link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/125420850-10-stages-of-love-assassination-classroom

(Will be provided in the comment section as well)

I hope you're looking forward just like me. Just a heads up, I'm not going to include a lemon as part of the 10 stages. I feel uncomfortable writing them. I hate how fanfics get more read if there are lemons but meh. Just saying no lemons but yes to romance or fluff.

If you're wondering about my school mates, I've muted them so they can't follow, comment or vote but only read. I wish there was a block button to be honest. I'm freaking out right now but oh well thanks for supporting me.

Anyways, enjoy and I'll see you on two books now ;)

- kuuro

oct 11th, 2017

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