[37] Tech for the Phoenix

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Previously on Agents:

I choose...


       I scrolled and hit the button. All of a sudden a dancing Adam with bacon, gold- I mean butter, and a weird array of all sorts of things. There was also a crying animu-style GIF of Max and Jin in the background.

"See guys? I toldja!" a voice hollered. Shub's voice.

"I didn't think my love confession would be through a custom-made video game," I laughed.

Jin shrugged, "You do love your video games, so I thought why not?"


"Wait, didn't we agree to meet Garroth and Laurance in the park, guys?" Cory asked, taking his mask off.

"Oh my Irene. You're right. Let's go guys," Adam said.

"Welp, I'm gonna go take a little walk."

       I grabbed a purple hoodie, put on my sneakers and stashed a gun in afformentioned hoodie. "See ya in thirty!"

"Bye Aph!"

        When I arrived at a corner, I noticed something moving behind me. It disappeared a second later. Okay, must've been my imagination. Slowly taking the gun out, I aimed it at nearby bushes.

I swear I heard some rustling...

        Suddenly someone crept up behind me and grasped my neck. I gasped for air, flailing my arms around. They tried to choke me, I was assuming.

       Then it all happened so fast. Pang. That was something... made of metal? Black. All I could see was black.

Shelby's POV

Aph's phone suddenly rang. "Hello? How's your walk?"

"Heh. Listen, kid. Your precious Shu is unconcious. With your enemy," a voice chuckled.


"But... you can always get her back. Do you want her back?"

"Shed- Shed? Do you copy?" Jin.

"Jin, please wait a second. I'm busy," I whispered into the earpiece. "Yes, I want Shu back!"

"Well, come to the alleyway near Keeper Street on the night of PDH's Winter Ball, with the tech guy. Let's make a trade."

"I-I can't just trade Bop for Shu!"

"Too bad 'cause you don't have a choice, sweetheart."

I got back to Jin. "Sorry."

"Who were you talking to?"

"Some... guy. I'll explain later. Just get home ASAP."

"Copy. We're heading home right now."


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