It's you

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"Why are here?" You said.

"I'm about to ask you the same thing. I'm just taking fresh air here.  You?" He chuckled and sat down next to you.

"Me ? I just got into a big fight with my aunt. Haha , don't mind me crying . " You looked at him, forcing a smile on your face.

"Oh.. Why are you guys arguing? " He asked.

Here he go again. Asking about my personal life.

You looked down and the tears coming out again.

"Opss! Sorry, I didn't know my question is too hard for you . " He looked at you and didn't know what to do to stop you from crying.

"It's okay. Well, it was something that I don't really want to talk about.. " You wiped your remaining tears .

He nodded understood, "That's fine. Anyway, what's your name ? You look really familiar to me though. " He said.

"My name is Y/l Y/n . You look kind of familiar to me too ." You look at him, and you felt a deja vu looking at his face this close.

His eyes widen, "Y/l..Y/n? You mean, Y/n?"

You nodded, "Yeah, what's wrong with my name?" You said, confused .

He suddenly smile widely.

"I'm namjoon . Kim Nam Joon ." He introduced himself with a big smile .

"Oh.. nice name . " You said and straightened your back .

He suddenly lost his smile, he frowned, he looked like he was waiting for a reaction from you after hearing his name.

"That's all ? " He pouted.

"Yeah. What's more to say??" You look confused.

He sighed, "Nothing ... " He sighed again .

You raised an eyebrow and thought to yourself about his peculiarity.

"So , aren't you supposed to go back home now?" He looked down and played with his finger.

"I don't know, my aunt shooed me out .. and she's a total freak now ." You said , getting pissed thinking of her .

He laughed, "What? Shooed you out?? " He said with a amused smile on his face .

"Yeah.. Wait.. You don't believe me??" You muttered.

"No, no! I believe you." He chuckled.

"What's so funny??" You get annoyed.

"Nothing.. So , how about staying at my place today?" He said , smiling .

"Er.. W-with you?" You blush thinking about how can a handsome guy suddenly ask you to stay with him .

"Yeah, with me at my home. " He said .

Suddenly his eyes widen as he realized what he had just said .

"I-i mean , you can sleep in the unoccupied bedroom. " His face got redden as he quickly looked away.

"Aww , he's cute!"  You thought to yourself.

"Let's go . " He said and suddenly pulled your hand .

"Just like last time .. " He mumbled but still loud enough for you to hear .

You got even confused .

-At Namjoon home-

"Wow , so beautiful .." You said looking around, the interiors was so modern and beautiful.

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