Which one? -Andy Biersack

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Neither DDLG or petplay

S/C = Skin Color

Y/E/C = your eye color

Y/N = your name

Y/H/C/ L = your hair color and length


Andy's POV -

I have a problem.

I have two girlfriends.

One has no idea, the other knows. 

I've with my other girlfriend since 2014, four years of sneaking around behind Juliet's back, four years of cheating on both of them.

Now, this problem just got way worse because me and Juliet are on Warped Tour, Me for Andy Black and her obviously for herself.

But, I just found out my other girlfriend is here, not with a band because she's not in one.

No, she's with her friends that are in a band called Motionless In White.

Her names Y/N, bright Y/E/C eyes,Y/ H/ L/C, And she's S/C. She's  absolutely beautiful and stunning, her personality just the same, she's the sweetest, kindest person you'll ever meet.

I love her, alot.

But I also love Juliet.

I don't know what to do, act like nothings happening? I can't do that.

I haven't seen Y/N yet, she hasn't answered my texts or calls, I think she's avoiding me. Which isn't good.

Right now I'm walking around Warped, trying to convince myself she's not avoiding me and is just busy with her friends.

As I pass a tent that sells monster, I hear her cute laugh making me immediately look around, I see her with Chris Motionless laughing and talking with him while paying for a monster.

She's in black jean shorts, her bat buckle 5 1/2 inch platform boots and a Black Wednesday Addams crop top, showing off her attractive figure.

She has in black eye makeup making her  eyes look brighter and black lipstick on, her hair is down and the light wind blows it around her. She looks Stunning, as always.

(A/N - if you have short hair, sorry.)

She doesn't notice me and keeps taking with Chris, having to look up since she's short and only up to his chest, like me.

I see some guys staring at her and apparently so does Chris cause he puts his arm around her shoulders, I feel a pang of jealously rise in me, I should do that, she's my girl.

But I can't.

She just rolls her eyes laughing at him as they walk away from the tent, in my direction, her eyes shift in front of her and when she sees me, her smile falters a little. That's not good.

"Chris, I'll meet you at the bus. I need to do something." I hear her tell him, he follows her eyes and when he sees me, his eyes glare at me, she must've told him about us.

I understand why she would, their best friends, he probably seen a change in her or something.

He says  a quick okay and be careful, hugging her with one arm, She smiles at him and waits for him to disappear into the crowd before walking closer to me.

"Why are you not answering my calls or texts?" I ask, wanting to know what's wrong, my eyebrow arching.

"I've with Chris and the guys and I've been thinking. A lot." she answers not looking at me, her smile completely gone. She's been thinking. This isn't good.

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