Beauty became the beast - Chris Motionless

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Chris's POV -

I watch as the crowd grows in front of the Shark Stage at Warped Tour from side stage, I've been watching the bands because we already played today.

I watch as they talk and cheer a name; 'Undead Sinners' as the background for the bands changes to a black one with the band name in red and is dripping blood along with a red pentagram.

I haven't really been paying attention to the bands playing, I've been to busy thinking about someone I haven't seen or thought about for more then probably 10 years, my old best friend. I remember her, everything about her, she was a year younger then me ten years ago when I 17 she was 16.

She was the the one to help me form a band, write songs, she came to every band practice and our little gigs. She was beautiful to, long black hair, bright blue eyes, pale skin, slim and fit, very kissable lips. I believed I loved her, I always called her cute, beautiful, pretty but she never believed me saying she was decent.

I loved everything about her, her voice sounded like an angel, her laugh was music itself, her eyes always showed more emotions then her body language and face, how she walked, how her hair flowed and moved behind her.

I miss her, She moved when she was 17 to start her dream, being a photographer and maybe get in a band, she ordered me to continue my band and get big so she could photograph me.

Before she left, she said she'd never forget about me and that I helped her through so much without knowing it, that she loved me. I was speechless, she loved me and I don't know if she meant as a friend or more, but I never seen her again.

She never came to one of my shows, she forgot about me and probably has a boyfriend or is married, I know she doesn't have kids, she never wanted kids saying their to much to handle.

For some reason, today I can't stop thinking about Her, maybe cause we're in Scranton Pennsylvania.

The fans screaming gets me from my head and blink, looking at the stage seeing a two girls, one holding a black guitar and one at the drums, both wearing black paint on their arms and necks and scary Halloween makeup on.

Also two guys at the opposite end of the stage also holding guitars bit one is a bass, both also have black paint on them and the basses has on a Michael Myers mask, the guitarist has scary  Halloween makeup on like the girls . They all wear black and are covered in tattoos like most of the bands here.

The crowd screams louder when another girl walks out, black bat buckle 5 1/2 inch platform boots is on her feet, skin tight wet looking leather pants on her legs with chains hanging from the hem of them, and a black cross strap crop top on showing her cleavage and tattoos on her arms, hands, and fingers with some on her lower stomach and chest.

She has red paint on her arms to her knuckles, a black Oring collar on her pale throat that also has streaks of red paint like her flat stomach, she's slim and fit with amazing curves, great breast and thighs. Long black hair to her waist and her face Is pale with fake blood on her red very kissable lips and chin, her bottom lip having a black vertical labret hoop in it and last her eyes have all black contacts in with black makeup around them.

Also her nails are black long sharp cat claws with spikes and upsidedown crosses on them. She's absolutely beautiful.

She stands at her red microphone stand in the middle of the stage as the crowd screams, yells, and pushes again each other.

"Hey, we're Undead Sinners." Her voice. Its my old friends voice, soft and kind, it can't be her.

She's smiling allowing me to see white teeth and fangs, if it's her, she changed a lot, not that I'm complaining, I love it.

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