A fling - Chris Motionless

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--Chris is adorable as fuck--

Neither is DDLG or petplay

Chris's POV

I walk out of my the bus feeling great, we're on Warped Tour meaning a lot of shows, meeting a lot of fans and no girlfriend, meaning I can have more fun with a friend who is, honestly, my fuck bubby.

We've been friends for maybe five years but we started a fling a year ago, friends with benefits, it's been awesome, she let's me do anything I want to her, she's practically my submissive.

My girlfriend has no idea, I plan to keep it that way, it's just, My friend is amazing in bed and my girlfriend is a little dull. She won't do anything like my friend will, she's not flexible like my friend is, she doesn't take pain well, and her moans are, well, ugly. How moans can be ugly, I have no idea, but hers are.

My friend is completely different, her moans are beautiful and sound like music to me, she loves the pain I give her, and everything about her turns me on.

I'm going to the shark Stage to see her performance, she's the singer for a band called Three Days Grace, not  my band heavy but their still really good.

I wonder what she'll wear, its hot since we're in Texas and its summer so probably shorts and a tank top. I'm in my usual black skinny jeans and worn doll short sleeve shirt showing my tattooed arms and neck, my hair is down and my makeup is on with some platforms on my feet.

I look around at the packed place, buses are parked and tents are up selling merch and drinks. I love Warped, I get to release my sexual frustration out for a few months, I meet fans, we play a lot of shows and travel, its the best.

Once I make it to the stage I stand side stage seeing I just made it, their just walking on making the large crowd go crazy yelling and screaming thing I can't hear.

The guys of the band, Barry the lead guitarist, Adam the Rhythm guitarist and Brad the bass guitarist with another guy as the drummer get in their places. Last my friend, Shade, walks out, going straight to her microphone.

She's in black high waisted shorts with spikes on the sides, a black crop top showing her cleavage and her black platforms that are three inches. The outfit compliments her slim fit and curvy tattooed figure, her arms, thighs, hands and fingers are tattooed with some on her lower stomach and chest. Her long black hair straightened down to her waist, lightly flowing around as she moves and her  bright blue eyes have black makeup around them, her very soft and kissable lips in black and red lipstick, her vertical labret is black since her bottom lip is red and her top lip is black. Her pale complexion will change this tour and she won't look like a vampire, which she'll complain about. Her nails are black cat claws that are sharp, I should know, she accidentally scratched me once when we where in the middle sex.

They start playing but I'm hot focused on watching her, she's beautiful, in pretty much everything she does, she sings like an angel and she could be one. If she wasn't a little creepy, death obsessed, dark magic lover, creepy things collecter, atheist girl who I completely love to a certain extent, she's my friend.

That's all she'll ever be.

I watch her set, watching her move like she glides, her hair moving gracefully, her eyes that shine in the light and the way her lips move when she sings. When they only have one song left, she moves to the mic stand as the guys stop whatever song they just finished.

"Our last song isn't on any of our albums, mainly because I wrote it a few days ago thinking about this tour and a friend I'll most likely see." Her voice is just as beautiful as she is, I know she's talking about me, I'm the only friend that she see's immediately after we play on this tour. She wrote a song thinking about me? That's a First, I wonder what says. The crowd cheers, excited to here a new song, this makes her smile a gorgeous one.

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