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Percy pov

Groaning i awoke somewhere..... new. how i knew it was new to me i'll never know. i sat there for a minute trying to decide what i knew and what i didnt. so far all i had was that my name was perseus "percy" jackson, i was 29 years old, i had a pen that could turn into a sword and it also returns to my pocket (i uncapped the pen and threw it in shock ). that was about as far as i could get before i had a shotgun pointed at my face. correction it was a sawed off shotgun. which i must admit is not a fun way to meet someone new. The man in front of me stared at my face with a scowl on his. "what are you doing here boy? " he asked removing the gun from my face. I shrugged,"i dont even know where here is." the man looked at me for a moment longer before helping me to my feet. "got a name kid?" he asked as i was dusting myself off. "its Percy sir. Percy jackson." the man ran a hand over his face sighing as his apparent irritation increased. He kept muttering about gods and angels being a pain in his ass. I stared at him taking in all the details i could. He wax in his late 40s early fifties by the looks of it. Then again i could be wrong. Plaid, steal toe boots, beard and a ball cap. Not what a person would suspect as anything but normal. I was startled from my thoughts when a hand was placed on my shoulder. "come on kid, lets get you inside." all my instincts were screaming at me to run away. Like even though he put the gun away something just told me to get the hades out of there. Huh hades...... Where did that come from? Shrugging i followed him into the house, which thankfully we were in the backyard. Cause i obviously didnt walk here and pass out. Once inside my instinct was screaming ever louder when i noticed the types of books he had laying around. All different types of mythologies and lore. He even had two or three books in greek and latin, which from what i could get by the cover Was about the greek and roman gods. "right. My name is bobby singer, and for as far as i know or was told you are staying here with me. Damned angels and details." i looked at bobby from the book i was now holding. "um thanks?" i must have looked just as confused as i felt cause bobby chuckled a bit. "come one maybe you can help me a bit since you're here."

After a few hours of doing nothing but cleaning and organising, which might i tell you is sooooo not fun, i sat in Bobby's living room reading the book on the gods. But i kept getting frustrated with it, the book was wildly inaccurate. So much so that i actually had to put the book down and take a breath. I sat and stared at the book with distain before i mentally took a step back and went over every detail i could think of. And yet when i tried to remember why i knew the book was inaccurate i drew a blank. Like i got a headache from trying. I heard the phone ring and looked over just in time to see bobby answer one of the many phones in his office only to talk for maybe a minute or two and then hang up. Sighing i went outside and sat on the back steps and sat down. As i watched the sunset i felt a pain in my heart it honest to gods felt as if something was missing from my side. Shrugging it off i sat and watched the moon rise with a small smile on my face, i heard the door open and saw bobby look at me. After a brief moment bobby gestured for me to follow him. So i did so, which i know most of you are like wait didnt you say your instincts were telling you to run? And yeah they were but, the feeling went away after a while. I trusted bobby, hopefully my trust wasnt misplaced.

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