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{Epilogue} 2 years later


"Good Night Florida!" yelled Jett to the cheering audience ending our performance.

"I love you too." he told me after we were off stage.

I had dedicated a song to him and stopped the whole performance so I could sing to him. After all it is our anniversary. I was about to respond but Jenny beat me to it.

"You guys were great. Now remember today is your last night with your families then you will be going on tour tomorrow." Jenny our agent reminded us.

Jenny is a tall blonde in her 30's who has been with us since we got signed in.

She has booked our performances and has done a great job of spreading the word about us. Oh and she isn't that bossy more like a mother bossy who keeps us in check and everything. We all love her.

"Don't worry your pretty little head." flirted Kyle.

Kyle has always been like that with Jenny. People just think it's him playing around but I got him to spill the beans a month later and truly does like her. And a lot. Too bad Jenny only see's him as his kid and not in any love interest.

We walked out into the private hall and instantly I was surrounded by the gibberish Ellie was making.

"Mwomma! Dadda!" she squealed extending her arm toward us.

"Hiya my little ballerina." I cooed at her taking her into my arms.

"You did great sweetie." said my dad and I smiled at him.

"You were amazing out there." added Maggie. I was never able to call her mom but she understands why.

"Thanks." I told both of them.

Ever since the day of the talent show I have been playing and I actually enjoy it so much. Cameron and me trade of between bass and guitar since it is harder for him to learn some cords in guitar than in bass.

And as for dancing. I still dance and have class I teach for the little ones. I will never give that up no matter if I am a rock star. I sometimes even model for some dance magazines. Especially with Ellie. That beautiful baby has always been a star since the day I took her as mine.

"Come on. We gotta get to our reservations to celebrate." announced Ace after he got his spotlight too.

We all went to the back and Maggie had Ellie with her. I went ahead with Jett as he took my hand in his.

I noticed his hands were a bit sweaty and I wondered why. I mean I thought we were past the awkward nervousness stage. I looked up at him and saw he was pretty nervous and a bit flushed.

"Jett what's wrong." I asked him.

"Nothing Princess. I'm just... you'll see at the reservation." he told me and I went on my tippy toes to give him a peck.

I pulled back still on pointe and he looked at me with so much adoration.

"You were amazing Princess." he told me then brought me back into a passionate kiss.

Right there I knew I had everything I ever wanted. And how lucky was I. I had a family who loved me and fans who support me in both my careers as a musician and dancer.

"I love you Jett." I told him meaning every single syllable.

"I love you too Rosery." He told me and with every word you could hear the love he put in.

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