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I always wanted to write this book and I've just been having problems coming up with a way of keeping the reader into something like this.. It's not as easy as I thought but here I'm giving it a try.... During my middle school years I was having a lot of problems and I thought the only way to live was by self-indulgence, why care about anyone else? They weren't going to be there long anyways I thought. By the time I got into eight grade I was having a battle with depression, I still am, but it was bad then. All I could think about was how good it would be too not wake up in the morning. I kept a journal with me at all time writing down thoughts as they came too me. When I got into high school I had a teacher give me a journal, I told her I would rather use mine but she wouldn't let me and to quote the wise woman, "That's your past Sky, we are only going to write and read the present." She also told me the motto I live by now, very cliche but I'm fine with that, "Live with no regrets." I wrote in the journal all school year, even the semester I didn't have her. At the end of the year I felt horrible, the book was filled with horrible things I did and with memories of people I hurt and pushed away... I burned the book. It was my Flaming Diary. I am writing this book not to tell you my story... but to tell you a general story of how boy might feel going through his first year of high school with major depression and possible suicidal thoughts. It's a scary thing to actually live, trust me.

This book is dedicated to my great friend, Jeannie Garth, because she stopped me from being like Jason...

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