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"After learning about the problems Delancy was having with her husband, she decided to stay with me for a while to sort things out between them. I was so angry at first but my heart slowly grew towards Kerrick when Delancy spoke to me about his past. Trust was the hardest thing to regain in their relationship, Delancy told me, and Kerrick was very difficult with opening up to anyone. They started going to counselling sessions and slowly improvements started showing between them both. She eventually moved back with him because he never stopped coming to see her and showering her with flowers and gifts and I could see it that she missed him a lot. Kerrick, as cold as he seemed, had a warm, good heart and he chose to give up everything for Delancy.

He left his father's business which infuriated Charles but Kerrick surprisingly didn't seem to care. He started his own business which was slowly growing because of his knowledge and experience and Delancy's help even though she was pregnant.

Delancy eventually gave birth to a beautiful baby boy a year later and even though I knew it was hard for her at times, my little girl could never be happier with both the love she feels for her husband and her son. My pride for having her as my daughter though, forever unchanging."

"Delancy! Please let me hold him!" Tori begged, her cheeks full of color while she held out her hands for the baby. "He's so cute!"

"Alright," I resigned, wrapping my son up in his blanket and handing him to her. "Not for long though, he's going to start crying soon because I haven't fed him yet."

Samantha and Daniel quickly huddled around him, all eager to get a hold while the baby looked up at them puzzled.

"Kerrick, they seem to love him more than we do." I laughed, leaning against him, his eyes locked on them and our child.

"Yeah, though I think they're crowding him a little too much." A small smile traced his lips but he pretended the situation wasn't amusing him.

"Kalib seems okay, besides I don't know anyone else other than us that I trust more with him than them." I tugged at his arm warmly and he sighed, his smile unwavering.

"I suppose."

"Where's my grandson!" My father's voice cut in as he emerged from the store. "Let me see him!" He picked him up into his arms and away from my disappointed friends, Kalib's cooing sounding.

"He's gotten so big over the past few months, soon He'll be talking and running around." My father held him up and he laughed, my little boy just as fond of his grandfather as he was of him.

"Dad, don't lift him so high, he might get dizzy!" I suggested while going up to them, a laugh struggling to escape when I saw how silly my father was acting.

"What are you talking about? This isn't the first time I've held him, plus I raised you didn't I?" He laughed and made a funny face for Kalib which he smiled at.

I looked over my shoulder when Kerrick placed a warm hand on me, contentment visible on his face.

"He's so young but I know he's going to be an amazing person."

"That's why he's Kalib Matthau, your little adorable son."

"Yeah, I guess so." He rubbed the side of his head and pulled a little closer to me, his eyes shining. "Remember we'll have to get going soon, we only stopped by for a visit."

"I know, we have to finish packing before we move." I smiled at my dad and reached out for Kalib and he reluctantly came into my arms. "There, I've got you." I whispered to him while patting his back.

"You're ready to leave already?" My father questioned while smiling at Kalib.

"Yeah, we'll come again soon but I'll call as soon as we settle in our new house."

"Alright, okay." He wiped a hand across his forehead and sighed when I noticed a book under his arm.

"Dad? What's that?" I questioned.

"Just something I wrote about you, you always seem to inspire me." He laughed. "Maybe you should write a story about your life, I'm sure a lot of people would love to read it."

"My life? Who would want to read about something so boring?" I laughed and he ruffled both my and Kalib's dark hair.

"Come on Delancy, it's time for us to go." Kerrick beckoned.

"I know, I'm coming." I said pulling my son closer while he played with a lock of my hair absent-mindedly.

"Bye Delancy!" Sam said while I went to the car and strapped my son in his car seat.

"I'll see you around Delancy," Daniel said also and smiled at me. "Kerrick." He stared at my husband with a little less hostility than usual but I wasn't upset because I knew his heart wasn't going to change towards him overnight.

I hugged him and he seemed a little surprised before he let out a laugh, warmth returning to his face.

I then pulled away and turned to Kerrick, warmth burning in my chest when I realized all I had with me. Without another thought, I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him, he was startled for a moment before he held me back and returned my kiss, my father's scolding the only thing that made us pull away.

I laughed, happy that I achieved so much even though I never went to college or married under normal circumstances, something a year and a half ago I wouldn't have thought possible. Although we went through a lot and had so much more to learn, he was the man I wanted to build my family with, spend the rest of my life and love forever.

~The End

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