Remaining (The Host fan fic)

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"They're not home. Come on," I say impatiently. "Are you sure they're not home," asked a tiny voice from the shadows. "Yes Stella I'm sure. The parasites aren't home." "Ok," the small voice comes again as she steps forward.

The girl the light revels is all skin and bones. Her blonde hair hangs in matted brown strands, and her finger nails are caked with dirt and grime from years spent on the streets.

I feel terrible when I look at her. She should be at home playing with friends instead of on the run from body invading parasites.

I look around. "Where's Haden?" "He went out looking for you," Stella squeaks out. "What," I nearly yell. She whimpers. "Sorry," I whisper, "don't worry. I'll find him." I stand up and walk toward the house. "Come on Stella. You can wait inside while I find him. "But what if-" I cut her off. "Stella Valcore, now! They won't be home for three days. Now...go." I say, giving her a gentle push toward the door.

She obetintenly climbs inside the window I opened. I sigh. I am going to kill Haden when I find him. He knows what we descussed! He is never supposed to come after me. What if I had been captured? What would he have done then? He would have been out all night. He could have gotten him and Stella caught!

Oh, when I find him, he's in for a world of trouble! I try to control my anger as I run the dark streets of a tiny country town in the middle of Nowhere, Ohio.

I stick to the shadows and try not to make a sound. If I don't find Haden soon, I'll have to turn back. He knows we can't stay long in this town. News spread fast in small communities. I should know. I'm from this one.

I know it's stupid to come back to a place where people will remember us, but we had to. I know of a perfect spot where we can live.

As I am running, I begin to feel the black beanie covering my hair start to slip. I stop in a darker pool of shadows cast by a tree as I fix the beanie over my sandy blonde hair. I can't let my hair show or it will be like a beacon in the dark.

I start running again. I make it to the next alley when I hear a faint sound that makes my blood freeze. A footstep from the alley behind me. I spin around, trying to pick anything out in the shadow cloaked area. Nothing.

I am turning to leave when I see it. It is a flash of metal.

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