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"YOU THINK YOU CAN SAVE THEM? You can't save them all, Nathaniel, and soon enough, everyone you care about is going to be dead," The voice of the unknown figure echoed in his mind. 

Nathaniel was laying in bed, his arm draped over his chest, the other was bent behind his head. He had been trying to sleep for hours, but the voice had continued to echo within his mind. There weren't supposed to be more than one clairvoyant. Nathaniel had killed one of the only registered clairvoyants in the world, and now, he was the only one that was supposed to be alive. But he knew the abilities of the clairvoyants. They could speak to other clairvoyants telepathically, but that was only if there were more around. And to his knowledge, there shouldn't have been another one. 

He inhaled deeply as he tried his best to shut out the voice, but he was failing. They continuously haunted him with their words, and Nathaniel could piece together that the other clairvoyant was a woman, and that was just what he needed. Another clairvoyant in the mix of everything. It didn't help that he was trying to keep two people alive, but now he had a clairvoyant that he had to take care of. 

As he was laying in bed, a voice hissed through the air, which brought Nathaniel out of his sleep. He sat up in bed and glanced around his room to see that he was alone. He furrowed his brows, before standing up from the bed. He began to make his way through his apartment, before walking out into the hallway. His head snapped down one corridor, before the other. And before he could begin to walk down one, the voice echoed in his head again, telling him to go a certain way. 

Nathaniel made his way through the halls until his eyes caught sight of something. At the top of the stairs above him, there stood a woman with dark brown hair, cascading down her back in curls. She was dressed from head to toe in black clothing, which made him take a defensive stance. He was ready to fight whoever it was, but then it hit him. 

How did they get into the headquarters without setting off the security alarms? Everyone had their own passes to get inside of the base, so how did this one person manage to sneak inside. 

"Nathaniel Ross Hyde," The feminine voice purred from the top of the stairs. The man raised an eyebrow as he stared up at the stairs, before making his way up them. The woman continued to have her back facing him until he was about midway to the top to where she was standing. "A man who had gone on a mission and was taunted by the death of an ex-girlfriend and was driven to kill the infamous Clairvoyant, who had reigned horror onto the world of inhumans. And now that you're in love with another person, the life of the clairvoyant is taunting you. Making you wonder if you should end your life in order to save them." 

"I've never thought about ending my own life," Nathaniel snapped at her bitterly. "My methods of saving those I care about is making sure that they're alright." 

"And that's what you did for Fawn Galloway in the fight of her own team? Her own family?" The woman questioned. "Because if I remember correctly, the shapeshifter had died from friendly fire in the Civil War between the Avengers, and then resurrected by HYDRA and turned into a ruthless Winter Soldier. And you could've been the one to save her from all of that heartbreak."

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